Mutant Year Zero coming to Gamepass

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For Xcom fans, although it adds exploration too.

This is kind of crazy. I was hyped for this game and was planning on being my next one after I'm done with RDR2. The writing, voice acting, music and art style create an amazing atmosphere. And it will be out at release day on Gamepass. Sweet!

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(Disclaimer:I have absolutely nothing to do with this YouTube channel. Just a good vid to check the game)

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Nice atmosphere overall, will check it out thanks.

Also this game on Dec 6, Strange Brigade, from the same studio that brought us Zombie Army Trilogy, it's one of the best co-op games I've played. Nice mix of action and puzzles and fresh art design, game does not take itself seriously, I love it. Reminds me I have to play it more, nice to see it come to Gamepass because this will ensure a healthier online population:

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@phbz: The game looks cool and has some real strategy to it, and I like turn based. Will pick it up if its on disk, no digital or Gamepass for me.

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Game Pass is so freaking stacked...I haven't even had a reason to buy anything. I've meant to buy several games but keep putting it off cause, 1, I know I can, and 2, so much good shit, I literally can't buy anything. I have a gift card, and can't use it. If I do, the game will linger til dirt cheap anyways.

I already caught up on a ton of shit a couple Halo games, CLuster Truck, Doom, Gears Ultimate, Fuszion Frenzy, and Giana Sisters, and just when I thought reserves were getting kind of low, Winter of Arcade hits and drops me back to my knees and I beg for worthiness.

MKX, Ashen, Strange Birgade, Mutant Year Zero, and PUBG were all nice pickups. But Gardens Between, Hello Neighbor, and Sinner were extras.

If I never beat Quantum Break, Metro, Wolfenstein, Outlast and Thomas Was Alone....I'd be doing more than kissing XBox's toes, and be praying.

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"Below" is on Gamepass too, very cool game playing it yesterday night and had to go to sleep damn it, one more workday!