Must Own 360 Games?

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#1 Posted by signore (2122 posts) -
What are some games you guys think 360 owners should have?
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#2 Posted by fenwickhotmail (7308 posts) -
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#3 Posted by John-08 (1113 posts) -
GOW n i dont even have one hahh
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#4 Posted by mcgillmaine01 (2171 posts) -

^dude why not just answer his question? anyway.....The "must owns" for me have been. GRAW2, RB6V, H3, COD4. As you can see I'm a shooter fan and love replay value in games. And most of those games still have a large online community.

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#5 Posted by g-rash (3128 posts) -
Oblivion, Halo 3, Mass Effect (because it's getting DLCs), COD 4 and that's probably about it. Forza if you like racing games.
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#6 Posted by volcomstoner180 (4410 posts) -

GOW, skate, FORZA 2(if you like racing), Orange Box and NHL 08

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#7 Posted by sullivan352 (501 posts) -
cod4, mass effect and halo 3
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#8 Posted by Sleepysmoo2 (25 posts) -

Orange Box, Halo 3, COD4, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Gears of War, and GTA 4 when it comes out!

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#9 Posted by funkyeyk (404 posts) -

Crackdown (you can buy it cheap now!)

Gears of War


Mass Effect

I don't think everyone needs Halo 3, but the multiplayer is great. I'd put COD4 and Assassin's Creed, but they're on other systems too. The 3 above are awesome reasons to have an Xbox.

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#10 Posted by dakingkaiser (41 posts) -
U need it all! so u can be a proud 360 collector owner
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#11 Posted by mattllv (224 posts) -

Gears, Halo 3, COD 4, GRAW 2, Skate, Burnout Paradise, Guitar Hero 2 & 3, Orange Box, Fight Night and Oblivion.


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#12 Posted by Soilworkcob (626 posts) -

Hello? Assassin's Creed! Yes, It earned that 9.0.

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#13 Posted by fpf1989 (25 posts) -
dont forget Rock Band
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#14 Posted by NasRex (1117 posts) -

Hello? Assassin's Creed! Yes, It earned that 9.0.


uh...did you read the title...?

it say "Must Own 360 Games"... AC is no way in hell a "Must Own" 360 Game.

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#15 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13694 posts) -
COD4,Halo 3
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#16 Posted by shaunchgo (4605 posts) -


Why bother answering if you're going to be a jerk?

Some of my favorites for the 360 are COD4, Rainbow Six Vegas, Test Drive Unlimited, Madden 08, Gears of War, GRAW2, etc. If you are new to the 360, take the time to download some demos if you have live.

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#17 Posted by Aaron89 (3377 posts) -
There are 2 games I own that I couldn't have lived without, Gears of War and CoD4. The rest were just icing on the cake...
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#18 Posted by MIB911 (1720 posts) -

these arent in order but then again they are all must have games lol so what does it matter... anyway here they are:

Gears of War

Call of Duty 4

R6 Vegas (although u might wanna wait for the second installment)

Burnout Paradise

Assassin's Creed (espicially if u dont have Live)

Guitar Hero III (even if u dont like rock music)

Halo 3

Turok (from what i hear)