Music you listen to while gaming?

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#51 Posted by gta4_2112 (3270 posts) -
any hard rock or metal
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#52 Posted by weltall1028 (4775 posts) -
I usually just put it on random while I'm playing. I have a mix of metal, jazz, classical, and video game soundtracks on it.
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#53 Posted by kriptonzz (3637 posts) -
Only the rock music on my HDD, which is AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kiss.
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#54 Posted by soccerdude256 (211 posts) -

[QUOTE="bedram793"]If not the game's soundtrack, then Guns N Roses - Paradise City. PsychoT4Prez

Best song ever man.

GNR holds the title for best song ever in my books, only its November Rain :)

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#55 Posted by Elann2008 (33028 posts) -

[QUOTE="II-FBIsniper-II"]The game's sounds and music. :?morpheusnj

that's me there. I dont like it when I miss the gunfire, etc. but when I play WoW I have a whole soundtrack to play since those long 3 hour quest sessions do drive you insane after a bit

Lol, same here. I only turn on music when I play World of Warcraft because you dont have to worry about anything sneaking up on you where as the sounds in other games (footsteps, etc) are crucial. I prefer to play a console game without any of my own personal music, because I prefer to listen to the game's music and sound effects.

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#56 Posted by p00phead (1203 posts) -
anything good but i love putting the benny hill theme song while playing assassins creed
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#57 Posted by XxSTILL_BORNxX (5749 posts) -
anything good but i love putting the benny hill theme song while playing assassins creedp00phead

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#58 Posted by ZanyIce (146 posts) -
I only pump music in certain types of games. Racing, sports, GTA type games etc. Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, The Lawrence Arms, Rancid, The Nerve Agents, Rentokill, Propagandhi, Refused, The Unseen, Said Radio, Black Flag, Misfits, The Flatliners, Bad Relgion, The Suicide Machines etc. is what would get the most play time.
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#59 Posted by Spike1988 (1630 posts) -
Misery Signals = Massive pumpage whilst playing CoD4 or Halo 3.
You guys should check them out. They're brutal as =)
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#60 Posted by bunyip94 (199 posts) -
yeah rammstein a pritty goos hah and disturbed
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#61 Posted by remington123 (586 posts) -
i usally listen to pink floyd,led zepplin,iron maiden black sabbath,blue oyster cult,queen,AC/DC to get head shots lol
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#62 Posted by GPAddict (5964 posts) -
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#63 Posted by NotChrisHansen1 (25 posts) -

While playing Hitman I'll listen to Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and You Spin Me Right Round (from meatspin).

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#64 Posted by kozzy1234 (35966 posts) -

Jazz = Milesz Davis, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus

Blues = BB King

Hiphop = Mac Dre, Techn9ne, Yukmouth, Rakim, Scarface, Devin The Dude, 2Pac, Messy Marv, etc..

Others = Sublime, Neil Young, Nirvana, Beastie Boys and Pearl Jam

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#65 Posted by Sacif (1830 posts) -
Combichrist, Tool, Cold Play (shut up they arent that bad), and the Nin album ghosts.
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#66 Posted by Dragoniser (80 posts) -
Alternative Rock - coldplay,three days grace,breaking benjamin,etc
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#67 Posted by Makaveli6666666 (34 posts) -
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#68 Posted by installedfear (25 posts) -
well everyone .... I have a radio show that i present specially for gaming listening needs. I play a lot of the stuff that noone else would ever play on a live radio show . come listen to me on Monday nights ( UK time ) 8pm - 10 pm .... or listen to the show recording through my clan website
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#69 Posted by superstarmario1 (246 posts) -

It depends what game I am playing and the mood I am in. I usually just play all the music on my phone anyway.

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#70 Posted by sukraj (27582 posts) -

i just listen to in game music.

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#71 Posted by rangegear (3029 posts) -

Slipknot wuddup. Korn, BFMV (Scream, Aim and fire is a phenomenal killing song) and Asking Alexandria.

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#72 Posted by BombingSystems (140 posts) -

Avenged 7 Fold, Chevelle, Papa Roach. This kind of music gets me in the mood

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#73 Posted by Legend002 (13386 posts) -

Depends on the game. Custom sound is serious stuff on Xbox.

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#74 Posted by brimmul777 (3571 posts) -

I don't listen to game music or even game sound fx much,so I'll put on AC/DC or anything else rock'n'roll I have on my iPod.I think anyone who enjoy's game music so much is a little strange,in my opinion.

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#75 Posted by dslayer46 (25 posts) -

I enjoy tech, house, or higher energy dub step. faster pace, no ear blaring or ringing sounds (high pitched and continuous), remixes are nice too.

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