"Monolith Productions" gauging interest in F.E.A.R. 2 & Condemned 2 becoming Backwards Compatible

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Folks, the developer of the gritty horror Xbox 360 games F.E.A.R.2 and Condemned 2 Bloodshot is on Twitter advising the community that if you are interested in those games becoming backwards compatible, to head over to the Xbox User voice feedback site to vote for them(I think from Xbox.com you can get there by scrolling down and clicking on Feedback)

The original Condemned 1 is already BC. I heard great things about FEAR2, so I will definitely look into this, just posting this here as an FYI....if you do not like clicking on embedded links, go to that site your usual way or try to find it through Xbox.com. This was tweeted by their official handle it seems:

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Fear 2 garbo m8, bring over Fear.

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@uninspiredcup: I read it doesn't hold up to the first game but I still heard good things and I remember playing it a little.....but yeah I would also like the first game to come, and their second Tweet suggested that they might be able to bring that one too

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I'd definitely go back and play both.

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Thanks for info, will speak up for this, I liked Condemned 2 much more than original (the rabid bear moment was a personal favorite), same with FEAR 2, much better super-natural moments than first game, never got enough credit . I would buy both.

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I'd much rather a Condemned 3 instead.

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i love fear series i hope play alma again please do it i like condemned series

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Loved fear 1 never got around to 2 so would be welcome.