Modding Xbox Controller Analog switches with PS3 Analog Switches

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Hey all, first post. I've been gaming on a PS3 for about 10 years but recently have purchased an Xbox. The controller on the Xbox feels a little better but the difference between the two controller's analog sensitivities and calibrations is something that I cannot get used to. Has anyone tried (or is it even possible) to take off the Xbox analog switches and solder PS3 analog switches onto the Xbox controller circuit board?
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The PS3 has only been out for 6 years.... Not sure if what you are asking is possible, however, my brother switched just the plastic analog stick on an xbox 360 controller for stick that came on a knock off PS3 controller. (I don't think the official analog stick will fit the 360)
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Why butcher a perfectly good controller?

Give it a couple of weeks and it'll feel just fine.