Mitsubishi returns to Forza Horizon 4 alongside new online & story modes in tomorrow's free update!

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This is great news, why do I bother buying other games when Forza Horizon 4 keeps pulling me back in, not that I ever left it, but it's now slowly getting closer to perfection and we still have another expansion left! And I remember the creative director previously stating they have plans to expand it even more beyond that(nothing official yet though).

Tomorrow's update is the biggest one yet it seems. The new Solo Adventure mode will be both in ranked and unranked play, and I believe this mode was added after players complained on the official forums that they wanted an alternative to the current team play modes.

Mitsubishi returns to the Horizon festival via a free 7-car pack.... EVO is back!

A new Story adventure awaits as well that involves Taxis and a limousine that will generate income over time. Personally I loved all the story modes in the game, so I'm glad we're getting more.

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This is the game that just keeps giving.

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Mitsubishi? That’s random. I’ve always felt that North American cars were poorly represented in the game. I’d rather inclusions of them over boring ricers.

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@Sevenizz: Some people were upset when it was announced that Mitsubishi cars would not be in FH4, so this is great news for them. Personally I like their cars but I would not mind more variety later on for sure as I've played with many of their cars in the past. Still, I will have fun with them now again simply because I've never played them in FH4's locations.

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@Sevenizz: How many shitty Fords do you need lol.

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They still can't bring back Toyota cars?