Microsoft shutting down productions on solitary warfare

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If haven't know or hear about this upcoming game once was in development. Solitary Warfare a third person military science fiction shooter it was (once) being developed by both 343 Industries (known for halo games) and The Coalitionn (known for gears of war games) a collaboration between this two major first party studio from Microsoft (Xbox game studio). The story was once been writing before productions

With few news,leak,rumor and plans for this new upcoming game solitary warfare including Erika Soto,James Spader,Nathalie Emmanuel,David Lim,Courtney Ford,Marshall Allman,John DiMaggio and Jake Busey are reporting to be voice cast in game. But they haven't official confirmation about they voicing in solitary warfare,because microsoft,343 Industrial and The Coalition was developed solitary warfare in close doors when they wanted revealed at any time. But now all making of game now official cancellation

Don't have any recruiting news from

can neither studios 343 and TC,neither head presidents or developers have spoken on why their share IP solitary warfare have been cancelled development. Their was no comments from Rod or Bonnie yet?