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Just wanted to say merry xmas & a happy new year to my fellow Xbox gamers.

May Santa give you all the Xbox games (and an X console as its awesome) your heart desires :)

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#2 Posted by The-A-Baum (1363 posts) -

@i_p_daily: You too, as well as everyone else here.

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mery christmas peace love and health around the world and games for the gamers

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Merry Xmas Xbox gamers!

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Merry Xmas :)

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#6 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (19131 posts) -

You too mate!!

Looking forward to grabbing some bargains on Boxing day for the X :)

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merry xmas to everyone

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merry xboxmas

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Merry Christmas everyone. Peace to all of you and Peace and Love to you're Family's. God Bless to all,even PS4 players.lol.

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Happy festivus to all!

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Merry Christmas xboners.

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Happy holidays to all.....game on!

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Late, but hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.