MCC is one of the best collections ever.

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The Master Chief Collection Is What Happens When A Studio Doesn’t Give Up On A Game

A great read and imo true. 343i never gave up on MCC and it climbs the most played charts for X1 now. Great work and dedication. Like the old saying says, "it isn't how many times you get knocked down, its how many times you can get back up that shows your integrity".

Anybody played it lately? Its great.

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Many have tried, but there’s just no better shooter than the Halo franchise. Even Bungie can’t top themselves.

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Yeah I love it, a historical collection as far as I'm concerned, always enjoy playing a few matches here and there.

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@Sevenizz: I concur, Destiny shooting mechanics is the best currently. Its just sad they had to partner with activision and how the story went. The gameplay is solid at least.

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Replayed the 2 remaster recently it still holds up to this day. Easily my favourite FPS of all time.

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Absolutely and I've been saying it from day one. In fact I've been running through the compilation again for the last few days. Started Halo 4 yesterday and playing them back to back to back to back is still a real treat. I'm very hopeful that 343 got the message loud and clear from us on our disappointment of the H5 campaign and Halo: Infinite well bring back the glory of the Bungie created 1-3 Halo campaigns.

First and foremost, anything pushing or even resembling some SJW BS and not focusing on Master Chief and Cortana will be total disaster for Halo: Infinite. Do you hear me MS/343?

Do You Hear Me, Now?! lol :P

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343 have ruined Halo, just a COD copy.

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I agree guys. Well not with _Matt. The campaign in H4 is great and the MP in 5 is the best the series ever produced. Nothing is ruined LOL

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Something new being announced in MArch according to Gamespot….I won't get my hopes up because it could end up being something trivial, but still curious what it could be:

"In terms of what the announcement might entail, 343 was pretty vague. "Not only will you be treated to amazing matches and gameplay, but we've also got some exciting MCC news to reveal during the show," 343 wrote in a blog post. The HCS Invitational takes place March 15-17 at SXSW, and begins each day at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM UK. If you're not at the event, you can watch both it and 343's Halo announcement on either Mixer or Twitch."