Master Cheif for the x360 Soul Caliber 4

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#1 Posted by Manni25 (194 posts) -

i think master cheif shodve been in the 360 version of Soul Caliber 4
ino he only uses guns but they should add sum physicals beet downs
and give him an energy sword ;)

LOL "the swords of hav met their match, (then u hear the energy sword sound effect) :P:P

from the SC4 trailer

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#2 Posted by omrikk87 (1322 posts) -
if u wanna play MC play DOA4 we dont need another boring unbalanced character in fighting game (even though yoda will be unbalanced)
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#3 Posted by EmperorZeruel (4207 posts) -
master chief will definaly be interesting for the x box version of soul caliber 4, you can also give him the gravity hammer as a weapon
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#4 Posted by Jaz0 (89 posts) -
I was thinking the arbiter with a ebergy sword instead or master cheif cuz they kinda already used a spartan in doa4 and well...the spartan charactor kinda sucked so maymbe they could use a xbox 360 franchise charactor like they did in sc2 nintendo had link xbox had spawn now why the **** do we have yoda>?
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#5 Posted by wreak (4645 posts) -
it would be pretty cool to see the chief swingin a hammer around in a SC game.
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#6 Posted by niptuckSean (2434 posts) -
good grahamer in this topics lollllllll
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#7 Posted by parapraxis (25 posts) -

After playing the last SC I was pretty impressed with the character creation on it because usually when a game does that for the first time its horrendous, so maybe with the new SC you can do something to create something master cheif esque, even if not though I'm not argueing because I'm pretty pleased with Master Chief sticking to Halo :P

I read that the reason why master chief wasn't in DOA but instead a female spartan was due to storyline conflict so I'm sure the same would apply to soul caliber and its safe to say that Master Chief won't be making an appearance in any SC any time soon. I was kindof dissapointed to see Yoda, I mean star wars is cool and all but I'm sure someone cooler could have been incorperated I mean, SCII was spawn, thats pretty **** cool if you ask me, I would even probably be more impressed if he returned instead of yoda, but I guess it could be cool.

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#8 Posted by parapraxis (25 posts) -
Maybe because he's green? and that kinda fits in with the whole theme of xbox and then Vader with the theme of ps3, though I think having Yoda is pretty lame, I think Vader fits the ps3 scheme really well.
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#9 Posted by SapSacPrime (8925 posts) -
No thank you, I think SC4 should be able to get by with no gimmicky characters but I prefer yoda to mc. Personally I think both versions should have yoda and vader but whatever.