Massive Problem with my Xbox Live kicking me. PLEASE HELP!

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Ok I'll try to be as thorough as I can about discribing my problem.

What works:

For the most part my xbox live works great!

I can watch Netflix no problem all day.

Downloads are fast and smooth.

I can play games like World Of Warcraft on my PC all day with no interuptions.


I can play for hours online when I play solo but when I play with my brother (who lives across the street). We get 15-30mins of playtime before I get kicked out of party-> offline and my router needs to be restarted for anything that uses internet in my house to work again.

Solutions tried:

Nat Settings are OPEN

I have contacted microsoft and they have to clue.

I have replaced my router twice...

Tried on a different xbox same issues

any ideas? need more details just ask! Thanks for reading!

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Have you tried being awesome?

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Contact your internet provider.
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Contact your internet provider.
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Even though he's across the street, are you two sharing the same connection? If not, are you two using the same provider?