Mage builds for Skyrim

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Planning on starting a new mage character, just curious what everybody's favourite build is when it comes to creating a mage? Is it worth it to invest any points into health, or is all magicka the way to go?

Another thing is investing in any non-magic combat skills (one handed, archery, etc). Is this worth the time and effort in anyone's opinion? The only advantage I could see is if maybe you put a soul trap enchantment on a bow or a sword, allowing you to refill soul gems more easily. Heavy Armor is another skill I see some people investing in, though the idea of this rather turns me off, to be honest. I'm not sure how it works in Skyrim, but I remember in Oblivion wearing armor would decrease your spell effectiveness...


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I'm a dark elf mage/assassin hybrid. I use Illusion and Destruction, those are the only real two magic schools I focus in. I also use Alchemy, Sneak, Light Armor, One Handed, and Archery. That's basically my charecter.

For a pure mage I would recommend High Elf or a Breton. But I think Dark Elf and even Imperial would be good choices as well. But the great thing about Skyrim is you don't have to worry about it, there arn't any penalties for choosing a race anymore. Any race can do anything.

I don't play a pure mage so I don't know exactly what you want to focus on. It's just not my personality or play style.

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Yeah I'm realizing this as well, just started a High Elf mage focusing in One Handed, Destruction and Illusion. In Oblivion you'd really get screwed over if you didn't have a plan as to how to level up, but you can just sort of play and have fun in Skyrim, and not worry about "mis-levelling" your character.

Experimenting with builds is still fun as well.

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My fav build is a mage/archer hybrid. It kicks a good bit o' arse :D