Looking for team players (squad) halo4, bf3

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#1 Posted by Evdne971 (341 posts) -
I have no one to play with because my friends are lame. Just looking for a group that's laid back and play some bf3. Have a mic an all Gamer tag Edven971
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#2 Posted by mrsniper83 (1552 posts) -
I have bf3 premium with all the maps, Im in the same boat as you because the people on my friends list only play COD games....add me, I play with ya sometime.
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#3 Posted by CodexHammer997 (25 posts) -
I also play BF 3,add me If you like Gamertag: CodexHammer997
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#4 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -

I'm in for some Battlefield 3 online and I own the first DLC, noting more (not yet).

Dexter010 is my gamertag.