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For whatever reason, I find myself enjoying games more when the sun goes down. I can't get into a game if the sun is out or if I can hear noise from the outside world. Recall my best gaming experience when I worked 2nd shift! Nothing beats staying up all night in a dark room absorbing a great game without hearing traffic or someone cutting the lawn or something. Now that I work first shift, my window of gaming is shorter. I usually play now from 8 till 10. Weekends I stay up later. What does everyone else feel about gaming hours? Do you have a harder time focusing on a game during the day???

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i find it better to play games at night as well, due to the fact that during the day im working or just to busy to play during the day.

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I generally prefer the night time, I wish it was always dark ._.

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I generally use a gaming headset so I can't hear any outside interference when I'm playing games. I prefer playing during the day personally since I'm not tired so I can concentrate on the task at hand, rather than trying to focus on keeping my eyes awake more than anything! aha. That said, I still do play a lot of games 'after hours'.

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Im ok with playing at anytime, but night time is usually the only time I have to play, Ill play in the evening with my kids, but most of the daylight hours involves family/work/friends/running errands etc...So when I sit back, relax, and play a game by myself, its usually once the girl and our kids are asleep

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I have a wife and 2 kids so during the day is kind of difficult to play videogames but once the wife and my kids are asleep in the evening thats when i have a few hours to game.

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I love coming home to relax with a cold beer and some videos games. There's nothing else quite like it
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I really enjoy playing games at night much more than during the day. No one in my house is awake but me and im free to play for as long as I wish. But there does come a time when i just get tired and dont really know whats going on....thats where the Monster/Coffee comes into play.

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I generally prefer the night time, I wish it was always dark ._.


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I generally prefer the night time, I wish it was always dark ._.


Well said.

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Same here. I am noticeably more relaxed at night when playing in Gears 3.

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Depends on the genre. Sports titles, I prefer to play during the day (weekends) and shooters, story driven games I save for evenings. My gaming is really limited to evenings due to having a wife, 6 year old son, 7 month old daughter.
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I usually don't really care about when I am playing games but I do prefer being up at night. I don't like being outside during the day.

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If it's a choice between day and night, I much prefer gaming at night. Partly because I'm a night owl to begin with, but also because I feel like less of a slacker if I play games at night. If I play during the day, I always feel a bit guilty, like I'm procrastinating, screwing around when I should be doing something more productive. But at night, my mindset is more one of, "I should be sleeping but, f*ck sleep, I've got to finish one more mission, kill one more boss, just see what's up ahead." In that scenario, I'm sacrificing sleep, which is 'me time' anyway, so I don't feel guilty. Regret, on the other hand... There's nothing like catching a glimpse of daylight creeping in around the curtains when you would've sworn it was only a little after midnight just a few minutes ago and the realization that instead of catching 'a couple hours' of sleep, you'll be settling for none to make you feel a soul-crushing regret at your choice to start playing XCOM at 10 o'clock. I'm not gonna lie. I've broken down into tears a time or two when that's happened. It was just the emotional fatigue of sleep deprivation, but they were real tears nonetheless. Better than night gaming: rainy day gaming - preferably during autumn or winter. Nothing beats the perfect storm of pleasure to be found in bitterly chilly, overcast days spent nestled in your favorite comfy gaming chair, a mug of hot coffee steaming away nearby, the sound of rain lightly drumming on the rooftop, and nothing to do but sit back and enjoy endless hours immersed in the wondrous game world(s) of your choice. Pure bliss. (Even better when I'm playing something like GTAIV or Just Cause 2, or any other game that offers similarly gloomy, rainy weather.)
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i work nights so.... i game at night pretty much exclusively because on my days off that is the only time im awake.