Kinect for toddlers

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#1 Posted by mattDP (72 posts) -

I've got two daughters, aged (just) 3 and six.

Been wondering if they might enjoy a Kinect as a joint Christmas present (I already have a 360, obviously). I'm sure the older one would, but what about my pre-schooler? Will it even pick her up? Are there any worthwhile games she can play or (better) that they could play together?

Anyone got any experience with this?

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Thats very thoughtful (and GENIUS ! ! !) Dance Central 3 and Kinect Adventures are definately worthwhile, for you and the kids. They both have multiplayer. And Merry Chrismas !
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I plan on getting the Star Wars kinnect bundle when I get my income tax. My son will only be about 7 or 8 months, but I figure it will be a good thing to have around when he does get old enough to start.
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Honestly, the kinect is a rip off, and the only game worth playing is Kinect Adventures...

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kinect is good for kids and parents.. not for hardcore gamers. The games are gears towards kids. So yes, worth getting. It'll give the kids exercise and they will have fun. There are a few games, kinect adventures, kinect sports, any of the dance games, kinect star wars. etc
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The Kinect was essentially invented for Kids, so yes, your daughters would be all over it.

I'm not really aware of any specific games that'd be suitable, but I do know there's a Sesame Street game, that's meant to be great(for kids, obviously), a Double Fine game called Happy Action Theatre on Xbox Live Arcade(which is the only Kinect game that's ever gotten my attention, it looks like hilarious fun, for all ages). And then there's the numerous dancing games, like Dance Central and Just Dance. Dance Central actually receives pretty decent reviews so if I were to get a Kinect game, that'd be the one I get, nobody has anything bad to say about it really.

I can't be much more help than that, but here's a list of all currently released Kinect games thus far.

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Thanks for the advice guys. Sounds like it's a goer. I'll take a look at some of the games you've mentioned.