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What has the Xbox had this generation? A Laggy mess of an OS with a layout that makes no sense and no exclusives worth a damn.... that is the Xbox One Legacy. Maybe it's because I'm in Europe? But no one owns an Xbox here, and for good reason, because unless you care about Forza... what do they have? Really Gears 4 was boring and Halo 5 was pure crap. That is all you can point to, what have they been doing? Personally I hate Forza, they continue to ignore the big problems they have with the online structure, and the horizon series is so long in the tooth now, yawn, do something new! If I'm going to play an online Sim, I'll play iRacing as it's much better.

Microsoft need exclusives, Sony have constantly innovated this generation, Nintendo are doing what Nintendo do... but I have to say Zelda BoTW changed open world games forever for me.... but Microsoft? Nothing.....

Time for Phil Spencer to go, time for the Microsoft CEO to go, bring back a man with vision, like Steve Balmer! I mean even the Kinect 360 days were better... at least they were doing something new! We all might have laughed at it, but it was fun, and people bought it!

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Wrong forum?

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whut ?

fanboy wars is thata way ------->

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Jealousy is a strange and unusual beast.

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You're an idiot. Do you not understand where Xbox was when Spencer took over? A complete mess. Xbox has an exciting future, thanks to Spencer, who is an actual gamer.

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We should really make a dedicated "phil spencer did everything wrong" thread.

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Sony have innovated this generation by how exactly? Charging players to play bc games, even if they already own them? Non refunds of digital games, even if not downloaded? Censoring imagery in games? Before the poorly received Days Gone, it had been something like 233 days since Spiderman ....if that's what you want for xbox, buy a ps4.