Is Xbox 360 considered outdated?

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I have an Xbox 360. It's probably the greatest gaming console I've ever had. The library of games is amazing. I still regularly play it. I play Left 4 Dead, Payday 2, State of Decay and more on it still.

I don't have an Xbox One. I don't see a compelling reason to buy it. The games out for it don't look that great. The 360, on the other hand, does have a great library of games.

Is the 360 outdated? I think it came out almost 15 years ago. Is that considered obsolete?

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If the majority is using newer tech its outdated.

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It felt a bit outdated when ps3 launched in my opinion.

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@robert_sparkes: yet it was running games better than ps3 ?

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@thehig1: For awhile, once devs got the hang of the ps3 and started using it as lead development system that all changed.

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@vfighter: What games ran better on the Ps3 ?

later generation titles like Bayonetta, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption etc.