Is this Tech Support Representative correct? (Xbox 360/OG XBOX Backwards Compatibility)

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So I tried to test out my newly acquired XBOX 360's backwards compatibility for the first time, seeing I can actually run the game from the disc itself, unlike XBOX One. I tried running Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate, Dead or Alive 3, and Ninja Gaiden Black, all which gave me the error: "The game couldn't start. Try downloading the game again."

This is weird, since I didn't download it. I just popped the disc in the tray.

I asked an official XBOX representative about this, and the following conversation occurred.

Does this representative speak the truth?

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Im not sure if this is true, but if it is, this sounds like complete bull. This is just one of Microsoft's ways of pushing you to next-gen.

Hopefully, however, it isn't, and this is just a bug/glitch on your console that can be fixed. Let me go pop an original Xbox game into my 360 and see; I have the newest update too. Be back in a jiffy.

(UPDATE): It appears that the game runs fine. I tried Project Gotham Racing 2 for the OG Xbox and it had no problems, although it did prompt me to download a 6MB update for the game, which was very odd because I was on an offline account with no Live whatsoever. Anyways, after downloading (tried twice), I was met with a black screen and nothing happened. So I just had to skip downloading the update and PGR2 ran perfectly. This whole situation is probably just game specific and not the console's fault, but I figured I should document it just in case.

If I were you, I would try starting and playing your OG Xbox games on an offline profile without any Xbox Live at all, neither Free nor Gold. If this doesn't resolve it, try just completely disconnecting from the Internet. Hope this works for you, and let me know if it does! :)

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@unitedhairlines: Trying them on an offline profile made no difference, even after installing a Backwards Compatibility update from an OXM Demo Disc. I'm starting to believe I have an unofficial hard drive in my XBOX or something. Nothing seems to be working.

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@Zuon: Huh, that's odd. I'm really sorry for your trouble, I wish I could help more!

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@unitedhairlines: In case you or anyone else is interested, I was correct in my thesis, and luckily, there's a handy video on youtube on how to restore the backwards compatibility partitions for unlicensed hard drives that don't have it. After following these steps, original XBOX games now work. Now I'll try to reinstall the OXM disc's patch so I don't have to update every game individually.