Is it still worth buying a Xbox 360 console?

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Posted by CBASSON1996 (60 posts) 3 years, 8 months ago

Poll: Is it still worth buying a Xbox 360 console? (65 votes)

Yes, definately 57%
No 43%

Hi guys I just wanna know if you think it's still worth it to buy an Xbox 360 console? A new 500GB console is likely the better choice...but do you think it's still worth it? I don't really care about next-gen graphics...and I don't have loads of cash to spend on new Xbox One games and stuff...I don't think each and every 360 game incl. sports titles will be backwards do you think it's still worth it? Answer in the poll answers as well as drop some comments on what you think. I still think the 360 has a lot of life left in it especially with new games still belting out on it...

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No, it's not worth it

The Xbox One is failing right now so backward compatibility is going to be huge. Sports games probably wont be though, you're right about that.

Microsoft is pushing it's backward compatibility so much that it's got crazy deals like play the Gears remake and get all the 360 games of the series free to download. This sort of thing is only going to continue because while the Xbox One can't compete this generation as well it would have liked it has a gigantic last gen library that it can try to turn the tide with.

If you're worried about sports games grab EA access for 30 bucks and play older FIFA, Madden, NHL, and what they claim is basketball but it's really not. You'd also get things like Dragon Age and I know that EA wants to start watering it down with 360 games so yeah, there's a ton to play there.

If you're sure you want a Microsoft product then go grab a One.

There really isn't an argument to be made for a 360 these days.

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I think the BC subject is misunderstood, BC in the X1 isn´t going to make your X1 the mean machine you wish, the X1´s BC is a big advantage WHEN YOU OWN THE X360 GAME and only if the game is available for BC ( if you don´t own the game BC is worth nothing because you have to purchase the game ) many games most probably will not be.

I think this is a really good time to purchase a X360 ( I think about the same about the PS3 ) because it has tons of titles, the games are getting cheaper, there´s a ton of used games for a few bucks, MS is having some really good sales in the digital store and the systems are getting a lot cheaper ( actually I recently purchased a brand new X360, just the console, for $90 as a backup ).

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I think it's time for an upgrade.Besides,BC is coming to the Xbox One.

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Unless you really want to play 360 exclusives I would say no. Support is ending in 2016 and BC is coming to the X1 this year. I would just save your money to put towards the X1 and games.

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If you are tight on money yes the 360 is a great option still as it has an incredible library and they have sales going on regularly with high profile games going dirt cheap.

If you can afford an Xbox One, however, I would suggest you wait first for the upcoming Nov release of BC when they will announce what those 100 BC games are, maybe there will be enough in there that might sway you into to getting an XOne.

Furthermore, since you mentioned your budget is tight, Xbox One also has EA access which gives great value for your money if you like sports games(most vault games are sports, but there are other genres also like TitanFall and Dragon Age). Also, as of the Nov public release of BC, if I remember correctly all future free 360 titles that are part of Games with Gold will also be playable on Xbox One.

Either way you will have lots of games to play, but personally in your situation I would do the effort of getting an Xone, you may not care about next Gen graphics but there are some great games now and coming soon that might interest you, and while the Xbox One will be able to play a part of the 360 library via BC, the reverse is obviously not possible, except to say that 360 can play some Original Xbox games.

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Forget about the Xbox 360 and get a Xbox One instead.

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Heck yes!

Reasons: They are still making games for the Xbox 360, such as WWE 2K17, Madden NFL 17, Batman: The Telltale Series, FIFA 17, Skylanders: Imaginators, The Walking Dead: The New Frontier were all released in 2016 for the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360
The Xbox 360

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When you can get an XBOX one for $250 why get a 360? It's literally only $100 more for a much newer and nicer console.

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Yeah, xbox one has better games and graphics. It's worth the upgrade

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a xbox one s is only $299.99 usd 500GB

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Xbox 360 is definitely not worth it. Microsoft no longer repairs Xbox 360s so if you get RROD, you pretty much wasted money. Since Xbox One is supporting BC for Xbox 360 you should get a Xbox One. Microsoft is supporting BC for Xbox 360 because this gens game library is garbage compared to the 6th and 7th gen. Microsoft needs the Xbox 360 game library and also the original xbox to stay in the game. Microsoft will make 90% of the Xbox 360 game library BC so you might as well save your money and get a Xbox one instead. Again, if your Xbox 360 RROD, there is no place to fix it. The Xbox 360 was poorly designed so no matter which version you get your chances of getting RROD is still pretty high. All the Xbox 360 slim offers compared to other versions is automated temperature monitoring, but your Xbox 360 still heats up and cools , heats and cools. The real problem was the lead-free solder used and the heat ventilation system was poorly design, really bad aerodynamics. The solder would become brittle and cause open circuits over time. They learned from their mistakes on the Xbox One especially the first batch. The new xbox ones seem like they would be prone to problems in the future due to their size. Heat and poor solder is the number one problem when it comes to eventual electronics malfunction. Bigger consoles and better solder deals with heat better and thus prolonging the life of the system.

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I think the Xbox 360 still has some really great games, so I think it is worth purchasing an Xbox 360 system. But I would by the slim models. The older models are a bit more faulty. Despite what other people might say, I think the Xbox 360 slim is a better built system. I have had my Xbox 360 slim, Halo Reach Edition, since 2010 and it still runs flawless. If you need some game recommendations, I would recommend the Call of Duty games, the Mass Effect Trilogy, Bioshock one and two, Lost Planet, and the Assassin's Creed games.

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Not really at this point. Particularly with backwards compatibility now in full swing.

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Xbox One S is totaly bad because games are extremly expensive + if you like kinect games its better to chose xbox 360 then xbox one. Xbox One supports kinect but you must PAY 99$ for additional cable for kinect and buy kinect camera but for the most people it isnt working. I also bough Xbox 360 that is chip so I can play alot of games. On xbox one its almost impossible to chip and if you try you will be banned. Who cares because xbox one s supports 4K when almost every single TV supports HD? Xbox 360 is the best choice for you if you are looking for something cheap and good.

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Well, it's true that developers are still making games that are supportable by Xbox 360 but that will soon change. So if you are looking for the long-run, just buy an Xbox One instead. I think will have some good deals for Xbox One consoles since Christmas is nearby.

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Xbox 360 games are very cheap. I bought 14 games for $30. And half of them were sealed.

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I'm dumping all of my playstations etc and just keeping a 360/ possible PC.

I've chosen to get an Xbox 360 because it's stable! Doesn't have updates shoved down your throat!!!

Is it really great companies are in control and can stop this and that service from working?!! Your favourite apps which are the same, when are they going to stop because "they" say so!!!🙄

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I would say no because a lot of xbox 360 are becoming backwards compatible.

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I wouldn't. You would be much better off purchasing a newer Xbox One because there will be a large majority of games that will now only launch on the newest consoles!

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This thread is 2 years old. Can it be closed?

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No, personally I like the xbox one better by far

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I think it is OK to have it , but this post is 3 years old so for sure he got a new one :)

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Definiatelly NO.

They are old consoles, If you buy one as a second hand, it's likely to die in a few months, but it depends on the usage times.

I would buy a first gen ONE instead. Prices almost the same.

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It's like buying older iphone.

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I thought about this some more, and I think the 360 still has some games worth buying one for. The One is definitely the better choice, but there are many 360 games you still can't play on it. For most of us I'd recommend the One, but if you want to play some more obscure 360 titles then the 360 is a must.

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If you end up having fun with it, then of course it's still worthwhile. :) Something to bear in mind, while the Xbox One is making great strides with backwards compatibility, it can play 503/2100 360 games, and 33/1047 Xbox games. Meanwhile, with the 360 you can obviously play its entire library, as well as 407/1047 Xbox games.

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Xbox 360 probably has the best video game library in history. I can't even list them all. Some of my favorites are Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bioshock, Payday 2, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, Duke Nukem Forever, etc. Then you have great games on Xbox Live like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, State of Decay, Duke Nukem games, The Walking Dead games, The Wolf Among Us, etc.

I don't know if you can play all these on Xbox One. I doubt it can play every 360 game. Is the Xbox 360 worth playing? Heck yeah. Like I said, just look at its game library.

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If you want to play just for fun, then yeah why not

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Until Xbox One gets full OG Xbox BC, the 360 is still a nice have, so picking Yes, but not a definitely...Cause I've had 2 die on me, and I did buy a new one from a pawn shop, but opted to return after salvaging many of my old saves from 10 years ago to play on Xbox One.

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3 years old thread

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XBOX 360 doesn't rly have any NEW games t so play and most shops have only XBOX 1

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Well if you short on cash. Then an Xbox 360 could tide you over, Xbox 360 games are cheap. Better to get an Xbox one, Xbox one S, or Xbox one X/

But an Xbox 360 will suffice for a gaming fix

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I think so. I bought a premium refurbished 360 from Gamestop last year and I enjoyed buying the cheaper games and having a good library. Still fun and good graphics if you purchase the right games for it.