Is it possible to play minecraft xbox 360 offline?

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I don't have xbox live, but I want to play minecraft on the xbox 360. Could I use one of my "free two day xbox live gold passes", buy minecraft and then be able to play it offline even when the 2 days are up? Also, I realize if this did work that I wouldn't be able to get updates, I just want to know if it's possible.

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I don't think you would even need to use the two day gold pass to purchase it, you should be able to buy it with just a silver account but I could be wrong. Same goes for updates, you should be able to receive them using only a silver account, but again I could be wrong.

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Save that 2 day code bro.You can play offline just buy it and download the latest patch for it and you are good to go and enjoy the game

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  • You can buy it without Gold
  • Don't need Gold to recieve the updates
  • Only need Gold to play Multiplayer in Minecraft

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I dont have gold and have Minecraft 360 edition.

You can play offline, it is 4 player splitscreen, you can choose many different option for your world too.

Great game. I would rate it 7.5/10 deffinitely worth $20.