is it... broke?

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so my sister had spilled ramen noodles inside my moms xbox for 85thousandth time so i went through the normal process of taking it apart (it was a used xbox bought with a already voided warranty) and using rags to soak up any standing liquid and a fork to pull the noodles out of the fan i then used a blowdryer once all the water was gone to blow any dust out and evaporate any water still sitting in any crevices i then removed all of the cover and the hdd and disk drive and left it out over night on my desk to dry the next morning i found out my sister had messed with it while i was sleeping i found out she had broke the cable that connect the wireless chip to the board where the power sync and eject disk buttons are i didnt think much of it as its a simple re-soldering job but when i reassembled everything and re-soldered the cable i i found that the xbox wouldnt respond to anything. not when you press the power button or eject and of course my sister desynced the controller from it and resynced it to my xbox so she could use mine without me knowing while i was at my job so i cant try to turn it on by turning the controller on i cant even get it to turn on when i rub a screwdriver over the terminals the control the power button. to make matters even more frustrating when i touch the terminals with an electrical tester i can see that are DEFINITELY powered,just not responding any help would be greatly appreciated as my sister managed to trick my mom into thinking it was my fault its broke even though ive done this procedure hundreds of time before with many diffrent electronics and devices and never broke one and now if i dont get this xbox working again my moms gonna take my xbox which i bought and repaired with my own money so please help me out if you can. thanks in advance.

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UPDATE:the xbox now powers on but immediately shuts off ive had this problem before with my own xbox after she spilled water inside of MINE when she was playing it without my permission but i fixed it by doing what i normally do then blasting a hairdryer into the top vent the next day however it dosent seem to be working on this xbox.