Im stuck between these options.

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Hello Forum, I am in a tight situation . I'll try to make this short so: I bought Halo 4 . Only 2 of my friends have it on LIVE. The rest of it love Black Ops 2 . Now, the problem with this is that I believe unless I am wrong but, I think Halo 4 takes 8GB to download multiplayer. Sadly, I only have 4GB. I have 4 Games (AC3,Bo2,Fifa13 and Halo). Yet again one of the 2 friends said Bo2 is better than Halo 4. Multiplayer , Story Mode and Graphics. Im not sure about the other one though. SO, I was going to ask should I buy more GB ( I was thinking of 120 or 320, IdontKnow if those are the exact Gb though). So besides that, my LIVE end in 3 days and I was think if I should buy that instead with a cable I need for my game recorder. I was thinking of starting a channel so, I needed a wire. Anywho . What do you guys think ? Sorry didnt make it as short as I wanted it . LOL
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People will have their own opinions, such as your friend saying Black Ops 2 is better than Halo 4. I too have my own opinion on this matter, and let me tell you that Halo 4 is much more enjoyable. The multiplayer is fantastic and includes a plethora of multiplayer modes, all of which are fun and exciting. The campaign is great, kind of short, however longer than Reach, and the characters are done very well (meaning the voice acting is spot on and the animation is fantastic, especially in the cut scenes). I love pretty much everything about this game, and I think Black Ops 2 fell short in all these categoriesI did enjoy Nazi Zombies in BO2, but paying 60$ just for that is definently not worth it. Now this is just my opinion however, and I suggest that you do your own research into which game you think looks better. Either way, you will want to buy more GB, as I can imagine that you will buying more games in the future.

Hope this helps!

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Wow , that helped. Thanks, and I can get my friends Halo 4 14 day Gold as well as mine and my friends black ops 2 2 day trial as well as mine.
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Wait, just another question. DO you think 60GB is fine?
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I think you should just keep Halo 4, but that is also my opinion. Now on to how much memory you want to add, it depends on how much you think you'll need. Will you be buying a lot of games and installing them as well? Ask yourself some questions.
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In my opinion, Black Ops 2 is much more fun than the Halo series. I havent played Halo 4, but played 3 and Reach, so maybe 4 is a lot better.
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Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 are completely different games online. If you're looking for a class is run and gun type game, then Black Ops 2 is the answer. If you want a futuristic shooter where realism isn't really factored in, Halo 4 is the clear choice.

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Wait, just another question. DO you think 60GB is fine?coldsoldier12

How many games do you play? If you plan on just playing Halo 4, it should easily be more than enough. If you're serious about playing a lot of games (downloadable titles, installing games to the hard drive, etc) you're going to want a bigger size.

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no problem glad it helped! And to reply to your question about the 60GB, I would definently get that or possibley even larger if you can afford it, that is if you are going to be playing other games besides Halo 4 and BO2, which I would highly recommend you do seeing as there are a lot of fantastic games for the 360 and some great XBLA titles too.