I want to like the Xbox One but...

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"There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later."

Pretty much sums up the experience of Microsoft. I can't even log in to my account anymore. Microsoft is clunky and broken imo. I loved the 360 but the the PS 4 is doing what I wish the One would of done and just concentrated on making the ultimate gaming system. With all the problems that are accompanied with Microsoft in every facet of their existence I got to think someone would be crazy to want to "link" all their stuff to Microsoft.

It's so frustrating to want to be able to defend the One but not be able to because they don't give you any reason to.

Just my ranting.

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i really wanted to get the X1 aswell, but they screwed it up with everything. I had a 360, but they totally neglected that with no exclusives. So i switched

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I just have a small complaint with the install times taking quite a while (which I'm sure will be improved in the near future). You have to expect these sorts of little glitches and issues at launch, they will get ironed out with time. Remember it only gets better from here on in. Just look at all the new games that await us.

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it only get not better but fast download yar.

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I don't have a single problem, everthing works great. I have only 2mbs down load and IMO it didn't take very long to start playing Forza, 13% and I was racing.