I enjoy Crackdown 3. Sue me.

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I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The game is stupid fun, runs smooth and bug free, and stuff blows up and the audio is perfect. There’s hardly a story (which I like), the environment is vast and gorgeous (especially at night), and the narrator is entertaining. Online is a blast and you just have to stand back once in a while and gaze at the buildings crumbling. Orb collecting gets addictive.

My gripes are that the driving takes a bit getting used to (coming off Forza Horizon doesn’t help), multiplayer could use more modes (like CTF), and missions can get repetitive (but that’s the norm in open world games I suppose).

Solid 8/10. Mindless fun and stuff goes boom. It’s what Crackdown has always been!

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I can't believe the bashing of the graphics it baffles me.

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If you enjoy it, that's great. As it turns out, I've been enjoying it too. It's great, especially on the Xbox One X, although i've been mostly playing it on PC @ 1440P & 60 FPS.

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It baffles me when people love platforming up shit, love running around GTA style cities, and like collect-a-thons, but they don't like it in Crackdown. Like when 3D Mario lovers hate all over 3D platformers. Just like a ton of Sony fans love Spider-Man, but a ton of them hate Sunset Overdrive. That's like loving Dark Souls and hating Bloodborne, it makes no sense.

If you look at fundamentals, Crackdown 3 is basically BotW and Mario Odyssey combined. I mean you can literally go straight to Hyrule Castle or go right up the main tower in CD3, instead of 4 Beasts to make that hyrule castle easier, you got crime bosses you beat to make the main tower easier. Both BotW and CD3 are that open ended open world do as you please. Instead of 1000 moons, its a 1000 orbs scattered everywhere, both cases, you're climbing all over the damn place to find them.

It's just funny that the reasons people loved BotW and even Mario, are things in Crackdown, but its 2 years later so its outdated mechanics.

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@saltslasher: Intersting analogy. After playing both I guess I like Crackdown better? I found BotW’s combat unenjoyable as weapon breaking too fast wasn’t fun and there’s long stretches in the game with nothing to do while in Crackdown it’s a constant barrage of enemies.

Similar, but vastly different? Interesting.

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I really hate the multiplayer. But the campaign is good. I guess we all have our tastes but for anyone that enjoys 3D platformers this game more than delivers. Is the game flawed? Yes. But truth is when I'm playing it it just feels good. For some reason people decided this was a open world shooter but I think it makes much more sense to review it as a sandbox 3D platformer than for something it never tried to be. Movement is the priority not the shooting. Even when you're shooting your main focus is your positioning on the environment not your shooting accuracy. And the world is just a playground where you can use your powers. Much like with Mario's New Donk City it doesn't try to be a recreation of a real city and it's citizens. It's just a sandbox. Now, it doesn't have the creativity of Odyssey but no one is clamming this is a 10/10 game. I would probably score it a 7/10, without the online but the online is so terrible that I can agree with a 5/10 if I was to judge them as one.

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Yeah I'm having a great time with it too, mostly playing solo campaign, I intend to play it coop later on too. It's like an open world shoot em up, if that makes sense...retro game design, fast responsive gameplay, and everything is accessible from the start & very few gated areas which gives you a sense of freedom. It's a very visual game too which I like, I'm spending a lot of time looking around the map trying to find hidden orbs and such, I rarely spend time in menus when I play this game. To me it looks stunning on the X, the way the game looks is part of the appeal for me since I spend a lot of time looking around for orbs. I like the soundtrack too.

I wasn't really looking for a normal open world game, I find them a big time commitment and I choose those games carefully because then I might just end up with another unfinished open world game in my backlog. It's not for everyone and it depends what you are looking for in your open world title, and in that sense since it is going against common expectations then I think it is good that it's on Gamepass, so people on the fence can play it easily & judge for themselves and I'm seeing a ton of positive reactions which is great.

The multiplayer is a mixed bag for me, didn't really dig my first few matches but yesterday I had fun playing and I was doing better, it's just utter mayhem & I think when party mode comes out people will enjoy it more for what it is. Anyways I think the release of this game for me was interesting overall from many perspectives, I'm glad I kept an open mind and decided to get it, initially I did not want to even play it.

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GOTY!!! :D

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I like to sue game reviewers for false claims. lol

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@Sevenizz: You'll be hearing from my solicitor.

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To be honest,I thought Crackdown 3 was one of the worst exclusives I tried on the Xbox One.

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I just finished it and enjoyed it but its rather short.

I haven't played the MP and probably won't.

Now excuse me why I go find the last of the orbs in Pantheon :)

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It was very repetitive but I found it fun for what it was.

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@brimmul777: Maybe cause I played solo and still don't know all the fundamentals, but I think State of Decay 2 is rough/worst. On paper SoD2 is way better, but that game could use twice as much stuff and then it'd be worthy of this era's service games, cause its exactly what people want, but sort of failed.

I love building bases in games, but none of them ever say you can't build a 2nd one until you destroy the first one, that is lame. Had they allowed you to make outposts and build upon them, that'd be neat.

After I made huge journey, and some dudes murdered my partner, and realized to move to the sweet place I found, I'd have to give up what I have, I lost interest.