Hurricane Harvey Took My XBOX

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I still have not gotten back into gaming. A couple of the grandkids (the boys) would love me to, and I was thinking of doing just that. Then Hurricane Harvey hit and the flood waters rose 15 inches through my house. Anything that was on the floor (including flooring) was wiped out. Including my dust covered XBOX and controllers. I recently read an article that single player games may be making a bit of a comeback I prefer single player shooter games. So maybe if some decent games in that genre on the XBOX come to light, maybe I'll take the plunge. Time will tell.

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Sorry to hear that, but thanks for the update...I guess.

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@SOedipus said:

Sorry to hear that, but thanks for the update...I guess.

Thanks. It's all ok now. With the help of family, friends, co-workers, FEMA and a government loan, we got our house and home back together again. But of course we have to repay the loan. The government doesn't do anything for free!

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First off, thoughts and prayers. Hurricanes fucking SUCK, and I imagine being flooded out can't help either. Here's hoping to an especially quick recovery!

For single player games, the Xbox One is a dead end, unfortunately. PS4 is where it's at on that front.

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Don't listen to the fanboy above me. Xbox has plenty of single player games. Go with whatever system the grandkids play on.

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It has plenty of FPS games available. I recommend Metro Exodus, Doom, Wolfenstein, Far Cry 5. All decent to great games. Then you of course have your Halos and Call of Duties and Battlefields.