How much should I price my used Xbox 360 for?

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Hey, I would like to sell my used Xbox 360 in order to help pay for the Xbox One. I have removed a few things from the original bundle but have added others. I want to know the highest and most possible price I would receive for my Xbox from someone (not from a video game/electronic store). Here's what I got:

- Xbox 360 with 4GB Hard drive (I know right) [good condition with a couple of small (1mm) scuffs or scratches]

- One wireless controller (great condition)

- One wired, Afterglow, blue controller (like new)

- An HDMI cable (I don't have the original A/V cables, but I'll buy them to resell if I need to)

- Kinect (great condition)

- The power supply

- And several games that I can sell either together or separate. Games include, GTA V, Resident Evil 6 Archives (codes have never been used before), Just Dance 4, Dishonored and COD: Black Ops 2.

I no longer have the original instruction manuals for the console, but I'm assuming that it shouldn't be a problem since we have the internet.

How much do you think I could sell the console for with and without the games? How much do you think each game is worth separate or together with the console? (All the games have minimal to zero scratches).

Thanks for your help everyone. :D

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$100 for system ~ 20ish for kinect? ~~ too bad you didn't post here last week, bestbuy was offering up to $100 for 360/ps3 plus a $50 off coupon for xbox one

gta $25

re6, dishonor, black ops $20ish

just dance $10-15

Best way do it is go on craigslist and look what your selling, see what others are selling it for and match/beat the market. Throw it on facebook to maybe someone might be interested.

also go on bestbuy/amazon and look at trade it, BTW bestbuy is having a 50% bonus ATM, gamestop might be doing 50% bonus also if you buy right there. It might be worth just lose few bucks then dealing with selling it your self.

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Go on eBay or a similar site like that, and see what people have their Xbox 360s priced for. It will help give you a rough idea on what you can put on yours. Truthfully though, you'd probably get more selling all of those things separately.

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Soooo I have an Xbox 360 228 GB, 2 wireless controllers, Controller charger cable, Assassins Creed Black Flag and Assassins Creed Rogue. How much should I sell it for?