How much is my xbox 360 worth?

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I have an xbox 360 thats in a good condition i don't move it at all and theres minimal scratches. It has 200 gb. The xbox also has kinect with maybe 2 kinect games. I will delete the rest of the stuff on it when im ready to sell. It also has forza horizon on the console. I have 1 wired controller, 1 wireless black, and 1 wireless army camo controller. The games I have are NBA 2k14, CoD AW, CoD MW2, CoD black ops 1, and Need for speed most wanted. Can you guys just tell me what all this together is worth and what you would pay for it from your perspective. Can you also tell me how much each thing would be worth and the best way to sell them to make the most money (All together, each individual). I would like the buy the PS4. Thanks for your help.

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$100-$150 if you're lucky. Also depends where you're located in the world as prices vary.... you'd probably be better off selling everything individually and on eBay.

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@BattleSpectre:I live in America. How much do you think each would be worth individually? Also, would the xbox and Kinect be together or no?

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@sketch_pixel: I'm not from America, I'm Australian so I'm not too familiar with how your economy is going and what people are willing to pay for an older last gen console. But I stand but what I said, I bet you can get a few hundred dollars for it. Also sell the Kinect with the Xbox console (I doubt you'd get more then $20 for it on it's own).

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Man there is a very really simple way to have an idea of how much your stuff is worth, check e-bay.

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Okay, thank you guys :D

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Ten bucks at Gamestop.

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Honestly, most of the games are going to cost more to ship than they're even worth to sell. You can maybe get $5 a pop for the games (besides maybe AW) if you're lucky. And I'd be surprised if you got more than $100-$120 for the console and controllers. I know it sucks, I'm in the same boat with selling my PS3 for a 4. But at this point the console is going on ten years old and there are thousands and thousands of people who are selling them for the new gens and old gen consoles and they just aren't really worth anything at this point, since they are in very low demand and very high availability which is the worst time to try to sell an electronic (not that it's going to ever again be a 'good' time). But yeah, I mean I would personally sell it all as a bundle of the console, controls, 2K14, and Advanced Warfare and maybe you can get like $140 for it, but I highly doubt more than that. I wouldn't bother selling the other games, they honestly aren't worth anything. Even at gamestop they're like $3-$6 games and gamestop are cheap assholes

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$150 at most. Sell as bulk sum locally if you can (through Craigslist). If not, then sell as bulk through eBay and package everything in one. The three controllers will help you sell it faster but it won't increase its value all that much.

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Here in South Africa they sell second hand for about 2500 to 3500...that's about $200-$350...

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I had an Xbox 360 250GB with one wireless controller, in great cosmetic condition, all cords and about 16 downloaded games on it and I took it to Gamestop and traded it toward a Xbox one system. ($150 for it)

I know some say that's not worth it, but look at the prices on eBay now for a similar sell and you're really not going to get more than that unless you've got some fairly new titles. With the announcement of backwards compatibility, the eBay market is being flooded with Xbox 360s more than ever.

Sure you may find someone who'll pay more than $150, but don't count on it. Plus, after eBay takes 10% and you offer free shipping, since you really won't get many takers without it, you'll end up making even less.

Craigslist might be a better option, but I'm pretty weary of that.

Now selling separately would be the best option. If you sold the games separately, $5-$10 max for each one. Kinect seems to go for $25-$30 with a couple games. You'll make really good money with the controllers, I'd say $18-$22 depending upon the condition. The system with one game installed, and one controller, maybe $80-$90.

For me, GameStop was the easy choice and I was able to get Arkham Knight for free since that was the deal at the time. Sure, backward compatibility helped drive my decision, but honestly, for me, it was time to go next gen, and paying $200 plus tax is a pretty damn good deal for a system that'll be around for many years to come.

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I have a Xbox 360 with a 250 GB Hard Drive and with 41 Downloaded Games on it with 1 controller...How much would that cost??

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In all honesty you might as well just hold onto your system. There are so many people selling their 360s that the used market is flooded with them and you'll be lucky to get anything over $150. Hold onto it and enjoy the games you have.

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@mag said:

I have a Xbox 360 with a 250 GB Hard Drive and with 41 Downloaded Games on it with 1 controller...How much would that cost??

Maybe $250.00???Are they full games or indie games???In my opinion,I don't think people are spending much money on last generation consoles.A lot are saving their money for PS4 or Xbox One's.Of course it's just my opinion,doesn't make me an expert.I'm probably way off price,especially U.S. funds I'm not sure of???

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You should hang onto your Xbox 360.

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Hi there im from new zealand can anyone help me with telling me how much my xbox 360 will be when i sell it because i really want a xbox one i have a xbox 360 4gb slim with kinect, assassins creed 1 2 3 and revelations, call of duty black ops 2, battlefield 3, kinect sports ultimate collection, just dance 2015 and 2016, kinect adventures, kinect Disney land and all of these are in working and great condition so can anyone please help.

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@sketch_pixel: Well, you can buy used Xbox 360's for $20-$30 these days. Games around $2-$10.

Sell your games and accessories bulk, and maybe you can get $60-$100 for it all.

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Gamestop is currently selling Xbox 360 original models for $74.99 with 60GB HDD. So you may only get around $100.00-$125.00 for everything. Try your luck on Ebay or craigslist. PlayStation 4 is currently $374.99 brand new with Uncharted 4 or NHL 2017. PS4 slim bundles. So you will at least have some money towards your PS4 purchase

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$4.20 probably

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i have a xbox 360 kinect thats in good condition the only problem is that it doesnt load the game sometimes. how much would it be worth or how much do you think it would cost to fix.


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so guys, I have xbox 360 s halo reach edition is great condition with two halo reach controllers and 2 black controllers and 1 camouflage controller.

with 15 game

halo 4, halo reach, halo 3 odst, halo 3, fable 2, resident evil 6, resident 5, call of duty black ops and black ops 2, call of duty modem warfare 2 and mw3, transformers war cyber tron , left 4 dead, dead island, Catherine.

how much do you think this should sell for?

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Long shot but any fortnight save the worlds codes going spare or does anyone no how to glitch me it with the invite glitch

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I would say 150-200 at best. Depends on condition!

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I was only able to get £50 for mine not too long ago

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ebay it

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Around 180$-200$ i think

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Xbox 360 is one of the best systems of all time, maybe the best. It has so many good games. You can still buy 360 games from Amazon and Xbox Live.

I wouldn't want to get rid of my 360, that's for sure. 360 has better games than Xbox One.

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Around 150$-180$ i think

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Definitely better off putting it all on eBay.