How Do You Transfer Files From The PC to 360?

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This may be a noobie question, but I've only had my 360 for about 2 weeks. How exactly do you hook up your 360 and your pc together, so I can transfer some music and movie files onto my 360? Is there a wire I need? Can someone give me the step to step procedures it would be much appreciated.


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If you want to put music directly on the HDD you have to burn them onto a disk, as for movies I don't know. An easy way to stream things to the Xbox is through the newest version of media centre, when using this your PC has to be on and also you can't have it on the hard drive.
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Just use the LAN cable that came with it to connect the two, although only some video codecs are recognised, most music is streamable. Go to and look up on the connectivity for info. Also, once the two are connected by the LAN, go on Windows Media Player, click the small button under library for options, click on media sharing, and once the 360 icon comes up make sure that you enable access to it. If you need more help send me a msg.
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For Music you can stream from pc using wireless or wired media. If you want the music to stay on your system, you have to rip music from a CD and if you have a huge collection like myself it would take a while. So I just got a wireless desktop so I can play my music through winamp..It's faster than using the Xbox guide anyway.

Another way to do it is to buy an XSata (Search for description in Yahoo or something)and inject the files straight into your HDD I havent done this yet because my 360 was stolen. (Im working on buying a 360)

I really think having your 360 and PC hooked up to the same speakers with a wireless environment works better. Because the Guide takes up half your screen and if your playing multiplayer you cant see what your doing which can cause you to get shot. (Im not a gaming freak but it used to tick me off when this happened)

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it keeps sayin limited or no conectivity and no xbox icon appears can you help its saying somthing about ip address
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you could always just use a memory stick and transfer stuff the way i do it.
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You can't copy media onto the 360's hard drive. The best you can do is stream it off a PC over a network or put the media on a USB storage device and play it off that.
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you could always just use a memory stick and transfer stuff the way i do it.AsHeavenIsWide

no you can' can't transfer stuff ONTO the 360 with a memory stick, you can only stream it

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how can I transfer files from my xbox 360 to my computer and then send it back. I also do not know what to use to transfer files with. Do I use an ethernet cable? Please help as soon as possible
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can you send files the opposite way?

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can you send game files from an xbox 360 to your pc?

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You cant,tell ghettosoft to add that feature.

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Do's anyone know where to get that cable if you didn't get it. (the one you use to transfer stuff from your pc to xbox.)