How do I open NAT settings?

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Me and my friend can never play together, because i have closed NAT settings and he has open. We bought Army Of Two, Rock Band and R6V2 mostly just so me and him can co-op it up. How do i open my NAT settings?
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Type your router IP into your address bar and go on your router settings page. There should be a setting on there that you xan change to Enable / Disable NAT ect
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anything a little easier? sorry i'm not very tech savvy.
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How to open NAT from Moderate or Strict to Open

By Dragonkyriie

1. Go to start and search for a program called "Run"
2. In the box, type CMD
3. A black box should appear, then type "ipconfig /all" then press enter
4. Find the "Default gateway" and "Subnet Mask"
5. Copy them down (the subnet mask is usually
6. Turn on your xbox and go to "System" or "System Settings"
7. Go to "Configure network"
8. Go to "edit settings"
9. Change the ip address settings to manual
10. For IP adress bar, put in your "Default gateway" except you MUST add 2 new digits to the end
For Example, if your ip adress was, you could make it or something like that.
Remember that it does NOT matter what the added numbers are (The added numbers can be anywhere from 1-255)
11. Input your subnet mask (usually and pres OK
12. Run a Xbox Live connection scan.
When it is finished, you should still get an error that says you have either a moderate or strict NAT.
13. Go back to the network settings
14. For the set your DNS from automatic to manual
15. For the Primary DNS box, go ahead and put your Default gateway that you coppied earlier
16. Run another Xbox Live test and if it is working properly you are finished. If not, keep following instructions.
17. Go back to your computer and open up Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Sea Monkey, Safari or any other web browser you use.
18. In the address bar at the top, enter in your Default Gateway
19. When the box pops up and asks you for a username and password,
type :
Username : admin
Password : admin
If it isn't correct, go to and find it.
(Extra Help) *How do you know what kind of router you have? When the box appears it should say something like

A username and password are being requested by The site says: "DI-604"

In this case, it is "DI-604". Press Control + F on the website and input your router name.
Then, use the easy chart to figure out your username and password.

20. It should take you to a page with router configurations etc.
21. Find "Applications and Gaming" or anything similar
22. Find DMZ inside it
23. Click "Enable"
24. In the box, type in SAME Default Gateway as you put in your Xbox during step 10.
It should already look like 192.168.xx. ___ Just input the last 2-3 digits from step 10.
Save the settings and exit.
25. Go back to the Xbox Dasboard, then system settings
26. Run another Xbox Live test, and it should be working!

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Even though the list is kinda long, a non-tech savvy person like me could still figure out how to do it.

(Sorry for double post)

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well your playing from a router i bet if u unpoluf it from router then pluf stright to modem you have open nat. but then no one else can use the internet sounds to me u have a junk router or old. first thing u can try is going into the router firewall and try turning it off. if no good u need a new one a good one not cheap one. so u can buy one for around 100 bucks the goodthing is it's years and routers last a good 5 years. so buy one linkeys brand thats what microsoft suggest then u could mostly call your internet profider or tell your dad/mom if your young do it and tell them u need a differcent router with wireless capability and they bring one out to u and mostly it free they just charge a services fee for making them come out wich around 20 bucks .
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A lot of routers that have NAT setting problems are not certified by Microsoft. You can use the guide, or buy a new router.
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your router might not be compatible with the 360...i had to buy a new router because of the same problem you're having
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Thank you so much Dragonkyriie! I have tried so many differant guides to opening my NAT, none of which have worked, but yours worked straight away-thanks alot!!