How do I convince my parents to let me sell my Xbox 360

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So I have had it since launch year and i have to decided to upgrade to the PS4, but I'm only allowed one console. The thing is that my parents are strict when is comes to these things, I don't know how to approach them about it, can somebody help me

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When I was a kid.

(Like 3 years ago)

My parents were pretty strict too

There's no best way to approach, just try not to sound obsessed about getting a PS4.

Try to make a deal with them, like good grades an all that.

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Just tell your parents that you are upgrading to the Playstation 4. Buy your PS4 console and then put your Xbox 360 up for sale. You shouldn't need to ask your parents if you can sell your Xbox 360. You have had it since 2005. It is yours so you can sell it.

You shouldn't have to ask your parents permission. They just want you to own 1 game con console at a time. You are following that rule. So get a PS4 and sell your Xbox 360.

Or trade in your Xbox 360 and games toward a PS4. Be aware that gamestop does not give you much for Xbox 360 and games.

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1)Sell 360

2)Buy PS4



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How have you had a 360 since 2005 but are still too young to make your own financial decisions? Tell your parents its your decision and not theirs. What are they going to do, return your own purchase with your own money? Why would they buy a kid $400 360 in 2005 but get upset that said kid uses own money for $400 new system in 2014? How old were you in 2005?

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move out and get legally removed from your parents. Nazis

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Good luck

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Step one, save money. Step two, buy PS4.

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Well I wouldn't recommend selling your original Xbox 360, as you wont get that much money from it.

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Why are you even asking this? You said so yourself, your parents only allow one system. Get rid of the 360. Buy new system. I don't get what your hang up is. Is the problem that you want to keep the 360 and get a PS4?

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tell them that the value of the xbox 360 will keep going down and you had it for so many years its time for an upgrade. they upgrade their phones I'm sure so tell them its only fair for you to upgrade your console.