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SOO I just bought this xBox 360 Halo 3 edition off eBay for $77 including shipping (will be herer 4-7th). It comes with power brick, TV cables and the 20gb hard drive. Its in perfect working condition, no controller. How did I do? I will probably buy Halo 3 and the Halo 3 controller and sell it to an enthusiast. Maybe try to get $150? I dont know. Im excited. All I have is the xBox 360 Slim (4gb) with kinect right now and a couple crappy games, and im looking into getting into gaming.


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Well, the $77 is a great deal, even though I can't imagine resell value... If you want to get into gaming stick with 360 for a while and then either a) buy a next-gen console or b) get the steambox which will not only be a great console but gives you every game since 2007 almost.

Personally, I don't think you'd be able to sell it but good luck.

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You did great until I found out you wanted to sell it for a profit. Good luck trying to get $150 for it. You're not the first owner of the console, you don't know what sort of life it's lived and you don't even know if the previous owner has opened it up or sent it in for repairs before.

To sum it up your chances of selling it on for a profit are very slim. In fact why did he sell it to you for so cheap? seems a bit suspicious if you ask me.

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Your excitement alone seems to make it worthwhile. I'd wait a decade or so before reselling it.

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@Angry_Mushroom: If it was brand new in it's box and still unopened I would have agreed with you. But considering it's been opened, used and abused he'd be wasting his time in hoping to make good money.