Help! Can't hear other players!

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Hi, I am playing CoD Zombies. I have a headset but cant find it atm (doh). I can see the other players with headsets are speaking, but I cant hear them. I CAN hear the narrator, the canned, pre-recorded player quips, and the music....just not the voices of the players with headsets...who are prolly cussin at me for not following their instructions. The headset icon shows next to my name. Its probably a simple option setting to be able to hear them through the TV speakers, but I cant find it. Help!!
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how about you find that mic? whats the use hearing others voice if you can't reply?


umm press the guide button and go to setting tab click preference(i believe if not t be somewhere around that area) and there should be a setting asking you where would you like voice come from. put it on speakers

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Heh, I found your GameSpot user name ironic :P. Anyway, you probably have the setting turned off. I believe it is under the Xbox Guide button. If you can't find it, report back here :). I believe it is under your Profile settings where you change your location and that.
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awesome! that did the trick! thank you so much :)