Hellblade: A game with fantastic sounds

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It was the first game I played on my console with headphones and it was amazing. It perfectly showed how Senua fought a mental illness.

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Yeah it is a great game, a great experience.

It's lighter than most games of its type in the actual "game" parts, but it more than makes up for it in every other department from story, voiceacting, audio, visuals, art directions, and everything else. Literally one of the most important games of the past few years; it shows just how much developers, independent or otherwise, can do outside of the normal shooters, RPG's, and so forth.

@seaocean I highly recommend watching this development diary (and all the others in the series) about the audio.

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Here is a video about the auditory hallucinations and the research, implementation, and recording of them

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A very thought-provoking game for sure, I enjoyed the sound design a lot. Not a game for everyone, but those interested in the subject matter should find a unique experience here.

Just saw this earlier in my Twitter feed, nice to see the game hit another milestone on Xbox

"We’ve donated another $25K to @MentalHealthAm to take our total donation to $50K! We pledged to make this donation when we hit 100K sales on #Xbox – so thanks to all the #Xbox fans who made this happen! pic.twitter.com/mwUh1bixw3"

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Yeah, this game must be played with headphones... it's such an amazing experience.

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@mrbojangles25: Great video

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Great game. It's hard to imagine living with those voices in your head.