HDMI not working anymore

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Alright all

Looking for some help.

My xbox elite has been working on 1080p since i got new 50inch lg plazma. Xbox done an dashboard update last night when i turned it on. Now it wont display anything at all. Iv checked other devices in the hdmi port and they work fine, xbox wont work in any of the hdmi ports. So i know its a problem with the xbox.

Iv also tried swapping cables, no joy.

ANy advice ?????

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#2 Posted by rexxpro (371 posts) -

Try the standard AV / Component cable in the 360 to the tv and see if you get display then.

If so check your settings to make sure it is set to 1080P.

Doesn't a dashboard update reset console settings to default?

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#3 Posted by squarejp (300 posts) -

I also have the same problem. The HDMI worked on all TVs before, but today it suddenly not working. All TVs says No Signal. However, my Westinghouse L24NM monitor HDMI port is able to output the image and sound. When I wiggle the HDMI cable that is connected to my XBOX 360, there is one particular angle disconnects with the monitor and no image nor sound. So when I was able to obtain the image and sound from the Westinghouse monitor, I disconnect the HDMI cable from the monitor and reconnect it to the HDTVs, the TV says NO SIGNAL! It's a bad luck for me today coz when I tried to look for the customer support number, I turned on my laptop PC and after talking to the customer service, they told me to test with other cables, I've tried with other HDMI cables and still have the same problem. After than my laptop suddenly died!!!! It's freaking bad luck to me today! Both my XBOX 360 and my Laptop died on me!

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#4 Posted by spidersdesign (25 posts) -
Same problem. I just got a new LG tv and plugged the xbox into it (also after dashboard update). No signal (although the Tv says 'connected'). I first thought 'Damm new TV - why don't you work' and after a half an hour of trolling through the Tv settings I decided to try it back in the old TV. It doesn't work in old Tv either. Tried 2 HDMI cables. The AV cable does work. It is really odd. Also when I do things like launch games the screen will flicker (as if it is at too high resolution or frame rate). I reset display settings (hold down Y and right trigger during startup) but nothing has happened. I don't want to have to send it off.
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#5 Posted by embeeuu (25 posts) -
Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I tried to adjust display settings 'blind' as suggested on another thread but no success...
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#6 Posted by Nicksons (25 posts) -
My solution was to pull the plug for 5 minutes and change to another HDMI port in my television. Then suddenly it worked again.
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#7 Posted by MJ231609 (25 posts) -
I Have the exact same problem, this morning it was working fine. After turning it on again it suddenly says no signal on hdmi. I have also phoned the xbox helpline and tried to change settings blind with no sucess. It will still work using the scart cable with the xbox but you cannot reset hdmi settings whilst in us with scart. after trying everything i think i will have to send it off to microsfoft.
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#8 Posted by embeeuu (25 posts) -
I'm thinking of restoring to factory settings and wiping the hard drive. Does anyone know if this will work? I can't think why not, unless there's flash memory on the Xbox which can't be reset?
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#9 Posted by prncesean (25 posts) -
Take it to a friends house or something and use regular av chords (red,white and yellow chords) and change the tv settings on xbox to hdmi and how many pixels you may use
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#10 Posted by Ghost_702 (7405 posts) -
Take out your hard drive and try starting your system. See if it will work then.
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#11 Posted by Buttercupgurl24 (25 posts) -
yea I am having no luck with mine. Both HDMI and AV do not work for my xbox. Im thinking it was my husbands fault, he touches technology and it crumbles in his hands. I tried resting the xbox to factory settings myself but still no luck so I am going to keep working with it, but if anyone finds a solution, please share because I am having withdrawals!
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hey folks I had same problem with my lg tv so i restored factory settings on my tv now it works fine passcode 0000
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#13 Posted by NoogDit (25 posts) -
I'm not sure if this will help anyone, but I had to do some ridiculous junk to fix mine. Details: Xbox 360 S Vizio 37" HDTV (1080p) Basically, after 45 minutes of troubleshooting, I had to connect the Xbox to a specific port on my TV and then plug a specific cable into HDMI port 2. My Xbox had to be plugged into HDMI port 1. My HDMI-DVI cable (Used to use the TV as a second monitor to my computer) had to be plugged into HDMI port 2. If nothing was plugged into port 2, the Xbox would not show anything. If anything else was plugged into port 2, the Xbox would not show anything. If the Xbox was plugged into port 2 and anything (including nothing) was plugged into port 1, the Xbox would not show anything. MAKES NO SENSE. But that's what I did. Hope this helps. Oh and here's a few other things to try: Load up your Xbox with a cable that does display an image. Hold RT + Y on Controller 1 until the console resets. This resets the display settings. Try plugging it in now. Reset your TV display settings. Sometimes you can change the smallest thing, but ruin your display. Factory settings can fix this. If your old setup used to work, but you changed a couple cables here and there (or maybe added a new one) and now it doesn't work, try your old setup. This is what worked for me. See ya.
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I am in the exact same shoes you were in when you posted this. The HDMI port on my xbox stopped working randomly one day after it worked the night before.

I think it is plain faulty Microsoft equipment.

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#15 Posted by Warablo13 (1289 posts) -
Same thing has happened to me. HDMI port seemed like it stopped working all of a sudden. I have all the settings correct.. So were not alone..
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#16 Posted by halokillerz (3406 posts) -

this topic started in feb 2009 lol

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#17 Posted by axcdnt (25 posts) -
The topic is old but maybe still alive. I'm facing a problem with my LG 42LW4500. When I plug my HDMI cable with my Xbox 360, some green pixeled lines appear on TV. I verified it just happen when I try to run on 1080p. Have you faced that?
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I had the problem of the strange green pixels and HDMI not working properly, lack of sound etc. I've also had problems before with the screen suddenly going blank for a few seconds and then coming back on (particularly annoying in dark souls).

I have a feeling it might have something to do with the display discovery in the display settings. My problem with this was almost fixed by changing my screen resolution down to really low, 400x600 whatever, restart the console, then I switched display discovery off, sound fixed here, which allowed me to choose higher resolutions and I could then raise it to 1080i but not 1080p were it would get the green pixels thing again.

I realise it's not a total fix but better than a messed up screen and no sound. Hope this helps.

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#19 Posted by borostu79 (25 posts) -
i was in the middle of a game when my hd mi just stopped its was ok with sd cable but not with hd this seems strange to me
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#20 Posted by FallFurious (25 posts) -
I just had the same problem starting the other day, I was at my house on my moms 50 in Lg it was working perfectly fine. The next day I went back to my college plug my xbox into my t.v which is a 60 in Panasonic, and it just completely stopped working, I've tried my other hdmi and my roommates as well, and still nothing. It just gave out completely.
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#21 Posted by Queen_Gothica13 (25 posts) -
OMG... i'm not shocked but so upset, This exact same problem just happened to us today. We had the xbox on lastnight watching a movie, then this morning turned it on to play halo 3, and it's not working through the TV so i can only assume it's the HDMI cable problem. I can't believe in 3 years there hasn't been a REAL solution to this problem. I swear if Microsoft stops putting out halo games (or a like company) i'm "Office spacing" the **** out the xbox. IF ANYONE OUT there fixes this problem "REALLY FIXES IT" please help us and future victims!
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#22 Posted by deactivated-57d307c5efcda (1302 posts) -

My slim that was just shy of 2 years old did this a few weeks ago. It works with regular AV cables but the HDMI completely stopped working. Dunno what caused it, I unplugged it from a TV and then moved it to another and it the TV and it suddenly wouldn't display and now won't display on anything if using HDMI.

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#23 Posted by darkspear2003 (25 posts) -
I had this exact same problem. No new cable changes or console moves, didn't change any settings. Played Tomb Raider the night before and when I got up the next morning, HD no longer worked. I had another new hdmi cable that I tried and it didn't work. Tried the console reset, changing display settings on TV, unplugging and re-plugging everything, switching hdmi ports, etc. I had read one person's solution to reset the HDTV settings on the XBOX but didn't even consider that as a possible solution to the problem since I hadn't even been in settings in the last few months. Well... that was the problem. I didn't think the HDMI cable was working because it looked so grainy but it was working, just at 480 output. Once I switched it over to 1080, good as new. Just to be sure, I switched the HDMI cables and the old one was working just fine, as well. I guess the moral of the story is this: even if it doesn't seem likely, try every solution. Good luck!