Hats off to 2k Games! (WWE 13, etc.)

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2k Games are awesome. I have to say hats off to them! They are a really solid game company. EA makes good games too but 2k really know what they're doing to make a solid video game and great product. I don't play that many games but one thing I know is 2k is a great at what they do. GTA, Bioshock, all their sports games, etc are great. I never liked the MLB 2k games that much though, it was far too easy and unrealistic. I haven't played the later ones though. I just bought WWE'13 from the Ultimate Sale and wow this game is truly excellent. I didn't like the Smackdown games too much, they were difficult to play but this game is so much better. It really has the feel of the old wrestling games from SNES and N64. Really glad they got involved with the WWE games. I was looking forward to WWE 14 but didn't realize how awesome WWE 13 really was. Great game. Hats off to 2k!