Halo 4 Spartan Ops lag issues

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Hey guys, has anyone else out there experienced lag problems when playing Halo 4's Spartan Ops campaigns online? I've played four player co-op through the whole of the campaign and wracked up some hours on competitive multiplayer all pretty much without issue. Last night, my brother and I decided to check out Spartan Ops and it was... unplayable. Seriously. Episode One, Chapter One lagged so badly that it was just unplayable.

I've played a LOT of Halo games and taken pretty much every single one of them online at some point, and I've never experienced anything this bad before. Anyone else having the same issue, or know of anything at all that can be done to get around it?

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I actually had lag problems on the campaign co-op play. About half a second to a second of delay to everything I did. It defo wasnt our internet either. Made it pretty rough playing through legendary with him. Havent tried Spartan Ops yet though. Hoping I dont have the same problem again. Online multiplayer is perfect though, no lag at all.
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i have the same problem
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I had a lot of lag playing co-op 4 player Spartan Ops. Don't know what's wrong.