GUYS! it just me!?

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IS IT JUST ME........ or are the xbox head sets gradually turning into potatoes...

XBOX ( looks awesome, works great )

XBOX 360 ( erghh not bad, adjustable atleast )

XBOX ONE ( Christ they feel like uncomfortable as ****, and its not even adjustable! )

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I dont understand the potato referene, lol. I rarely even use the headset so I still have no idea how well the Xbox One works, lol.

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jacket potatoes

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I think this is actually the official headset Microsoft wants people to buy.

I look at the basic one that comes with the console as just something to get you started. It has all of the necessary functions, though it isn't really top-of-the-line - it's el cheapo to keep the cost of the system low.

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How much you think guys original one cost ? i'm asking because someone was trying to sell some for me i need to know the price i'm talking about used items any idea ?

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I wouldn't really call that Official headset, top of the line, either though. Not even close. Unfortunately the console gaming market is really out of touch when it comes to headsets.

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Dat potatoes doe.

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Xbox headset: Had a decent appearance, and worked fine but it's inconvenient when you wanted to lean your head back on a headrest, because it would push the entire thing forward.

Xbox 360 Headset: Pretty comfortable. I didn't like the newer design when they placed the buttons and volume control on the cord rather than the controller attachment.

Xbox One: Not a fan of the ear-cup design, but it IS in fact adjustable. Works fine, and I like the buttons/ volume control much better than the others. (It's also much better than that earpiece that I got with my PS4)

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I am not a big fan of the Xbox One headset. I intend to buy some new ones soon.

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Yeah, the headset isn't so great, but it was a last minute addition if you recall. Originally, the Xbone wasn't going to have a packed in headset.