GTA:SA and 2 more Rockstar games will be BC as of June 7th

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FYI for those who care, just found this out, 3 Rockstar games will be backwards compatible as of June 7, confirmed on their site. Nice to see Rockstar's continued support of the BC program with these 3 cool games:


San Andreas, Midnight Club: LA and Table Tennis Coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility 3 Classic Rockstar Titles Available on June 7th

Rockstar Games

A distinguished trio of Rockstar Xbox 360 titles are coming to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog next week on Thursday, June 7th: the west coast GTA classic , the breakneck high-speed racing Midnight Club: Los Angeles and the fast and fluid competition of Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis.


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So happy San Andreas is coming... I never got to finish it back in the day. Awesome!

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Definitely start midnight club missed it back in the day.

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@hrt_rulz01: yeah I think I'll be replaying GTA's main story campaign, it was a fun also had some sim aspects to it like the weight gain and exercising.

I'm not sure I even remember playing this on the 360....maybe it was on PS2.

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Whats the point when u can not buy them on xbox one store unless u ahve a Us based cc/dc with Us based address alongwith it as a payment method. Why cant we use our microsoft account balance to buy these games?