GTA V graphic issues

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Anytime I'm driving or looking at anything, there are jagged lines on pretty much all of the textures. The texture pop ins are EXTREMELY bad, to the point where I am having a difficult time ignoring them and actually enjoying the game. Basically any time I start to drive at a high speed, the game gets extremely choppy. I expected the game to have some texture pop ins and maybe some jagged lines, but it's so bad on my xbox I literally can't enjoy the game. Is this a problem with my xbox or something? Or is this just how the game is. My xbox is really old and a little beat up so I'm thinking maybe my xbox is making the problem worse. I have an extremely difficult time believing that a game that runs the way it is running on my xbox could receive all of these perfect scores. 

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Did you install the play disk? Just curious as I know that they are saying not to because of graphical anomolies.

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No I didn't. The game just looks an runs like shit for me. I'm thinking it must be a problem with my xbox or something.

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No I didn't. The game just looks an runs like shit for me. I'm thinking it must be a problem with my xbox or something.

Runs and looks fines for me. Off in the distance it can get blurry sometimes and up close some textures are pretty bad, but otherwise, it looks great and runs much better than I expected.
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not had any problems.

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I'm experiencing the same problem. Are you using a monitor by any chance or just a regular HDTV? I'm using a 25" ASUS monitor, that's why I'm wondering, maybe it has something to do with that?

Also, I hear that installing the play disc onto a USB drive helps with pop ins, load times, less noisy disc, etc but as you said, I'm thinking the issue is with our system.

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You have two problems here.

1. 'Jaggy' textures.

2. Pop ups and framerate.

To fix problem 1. you need to turn down your 360 to 720p. GTA V was desgined to run at 720p and running at 1080 stretches it out and messes up the anti analysing. I had the same problem when i first started the games was very disappointed, looked great for objects nearby but then bad for everything else.

To fix problem 2. you need to install the PLAY disc to a usb flashdrive. The 360 can read this alot faster and your pops / frame rate will be improved.

Let me know how you get on, Lee.

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I am also having choppy frame rates and pop in. I installed the "install" disk then inserted the "play did when it promted me to do so. Im pretty sure it hasnt installed anything from the play disk since I can hear the disk spinning in the console. Plus when I looked at the storage on my console, it said that GTAV is using about 7.7GB which is the amount thats on the install disk
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i am also facing same issue on Ps3 .did anyone is facing the same issue.all over the game choppy graphics & framerate ,all over the map glitring effect breaking edges all over the graphics.

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GTA V has some of the worst texture pop-out I've ever seen. There are parts where I'll drive across an intersection and the road and all the buildings around it will lose all their texture and visuals.

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Try clearing the cache on your hard drive. Clear it three times and then load the game.
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omg way too many gamers experienceincg problems.

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I was considering this game as a purchase but I'm a graphics whore so probably won't be getting GTA 5 after hearing this.

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someone said if you install the game onto a flash drive and then play it works much faster,

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Some Of my friends have the same thing happen to them on there PS3 as well.

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There are bugs and glitches in most games nowadays as long as it doesn't break the immersion then I'm a happy bunny.