Good First Person Shooters to get into the genre?

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I have an Xbox 360. So I can also play a good amount of OG Xbox games too.

I remember enjoying TimeSplitters 2 local multiplayer on the Gamecube back in the days. The last FPS I played was Halo on 360 10 years ago. 12-year-old me wasn't really crazy about it. Since it's been so long since I played an FPS, I kinda want to give it another go. I can tell you right now I suck at aiming and moving around in first person lol. What are some good FPS games that are easy to get into?

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I don't know what halo game you played. am assuming you mean Halo 3 from 2007? if not halo 3 is an amazing game but if you have trouble aiming it could be frustrating I suppose. none the less if you have not played Halo 3 or you have played it just ages ago I would still recommend playing it again or for the first time.

other fps games on the Xbox 360 I can recommend:

halo 4- whether you like Halo or not I can't help but recommend halo 4

halo reach- another amazing halo game

homefront- I haven't played this yet but I really want to. its a generic terrorism military shooter about a Korea taking over America but it looks fun and seems to have pretty tight gameplay

Doom 1 and 2 on the xbla- Doom 1 and 2 are both pure classics. there's no aiming involved what so ever. the gameplay is pure action in the depths of hell.

Wolfenstein 3d on the xbla- another classic fps with no aiming and nonstop action. it's not as fun as Doom 1 or 2 but still fun in its own right. escape from a Nazi base and see for yourself.

duke nukem 3d on the xbla- an amazing but maze-like fps that's very fun. destroy hordes of aliens though strip clubs, movie theaters, football fields and much more.

of course, there's always third person shooters like crackdown, grand theft auto 4 and 5, Max Payne 3, red dead redemption, and gears of war 1, 2, and 3, just to name a few.

for the Xbox original make sure to check if these are backward compatible.

original Xbox:

halo combat evolved- an amazing halo game

halo 2- another amazing action game

black- I haven't played this one yet but to my knowledge its a cod terrorism style game where there is plenty on explosions.

XIII- an amnesia plot where you wake up on a beach and are ambushed by agents. this game is a thrill ride from start to finish.

red faction 2- a sci-fi fps with somewhat destructible environment and a fun campaign.

also on the Xbox origanal there are tons of fun third-person shooters like max payne 1, max payne 2, grand theft auto 3, grand theft auto vice city, grand theft auto san andreas, the suffering, the suffering ties that bind and many more. anyways I hope this helps.

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Any battlefield game or any call of duty game and you are set to go!

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@ronnieav: The Halo series and Left 4 Dead.You honestly can't go wrong with Halo:Reach,in my opinion best of the series.Battlefield 3 and 4 are also great games.Also some of the Call of Duty games are also a good try,like World at War and Black Ops ll.

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call of duty series

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Xbox or the console platforms are/is releasing the first 2 Turok games don't know if you're interested in that.

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How about The Bioshock Collection?? Great games.

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@ronnieav: The very first FPS game I played in my life was Wolfenstein 3-d on the PC, and that sparked my interest in the genre. When I first got my 360 a decade ago, the very first FPS game I downloaded was none other than DOOM, which id Software made after Wolf 3-d back in the day and they eventually ported to LIVE. DOOM on the 360 was a great experience and helped get me used to controlling FPS games with the dual-stick setup. Not long after that, funnily enough, they also added Wolfenstein 3-d to LIVE, which is also certainly worth picking up.

Moving onto something more substantial, it was Halo 3 and Halo CE (XBOX Originals version) that helped really get me into modern FPS games. I also picked up the original Bioshock and Oblivion around that time, so I guess playing a mixture of those games got me used to modern FPS. I would also throw Half-Life 2 into that mix.

Halo and XBOX really go hand in hand because the control setup for Halo is so ingrained into the feel of the Xbox systems' controllers. Messing around in the campaigns and the multiplayer helps to get you making the most of everything your character can do in the games. There was this old saying that went something like... Guns, grenades and vehicles - the triad of Halo combat. ...And that's kind of true, but of course it goes even deeper than that.

I think Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST are my favorite Halo games I've played so far, as well as CE. It would be worth picking up Master Chief Collection and maybe focusing on one of the games to get used to things. You'll get better at everything the more you stay in practice at it - if you stop playing for a while, it will definitely show in Halo. Multiplayer takes a lot of practice to get good at and stay good at, and every time a new game is released there are little changes here and there that might throw you off and take some getting used to. But it's a game series I've had a lot of fun with, and have a lot of fond memories of.

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I remember buying bulletstorm on the x360 back in the day, it is an excellent, amusing fps ya should def check out. Doom 3 is another excellent title that has a spooky atmosphere. The F. E. A. R series is a suspenseful fps that has some great scare moments and a solid shooter all around. Fallout 3 and New Veges are a bit technical but an amazing rpg fps'.

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Just pick the one that interests you the most, since you will be motivated to get better. Like, I like the WW2 games and thats how I got better at FPS.

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Doom comes to mind...

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BioShock and deus ex are good because they're adventure/FPS games, so they're slower paced than pure shooters. Borderlands series is a good one as well, especially since it can be played split screen or online coop. When I was deployed, we used those games to get some non gamers into playing shooters. After playing that they were able to play COD at a decent skill level.

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On the Xbox 360?

Doom 3

Wolfenstein New Order "My personal favorite"

Halo 4 maybe?

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Far Cry 3