Getting an Xbox One Day One Edition to the middle east.

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Hi guys, I live in the UAE, as you know, the next gen consoles are being released in the middle east really late, so I think our chances of getting the day one edition here are dead. I have a relative in the UK who can buy it for me on launch, but it seems that the day one edition is sold out like crazy. Any ideas on what I can do? I really want the day one edition, recommendations are most appreciated.

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have him go stores day one? pre orders are sold out for months. Just few weeks ago besbuy put up handful of pre orders for few days but sold out.

only thing special is the controller has a small print on it says day one or something.

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Wouldn't people be camping outside for it? she's not really a gamer, she will get stomped! :D Thanks for the advice though, I'll see how she feels about it.

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There is nothing really special about the day one editions any way.. just get your relative to get you a regular version and enjoy!