"Generation Zero" announced for 2019, 4 player Action Co-op in alternate 1980's Era

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Looks very cool, from the developer of Mad Max and Just Cause, Avalanche Studios, it's apparently coming out next year. Love these kinds of games, although it seems similar to State of Decay 2 at first glance, this one seems a little more focused on Action. Setting and atmosphere look great, and I thought Mad Max was good, so I hope this turns out well! It can be played solo too by the way. Details below


To be able to finally announce the game that you’ve been working on is not only the most wonderful but also the most harrowing of experiences for a game developer. Here is a project that you’ve poured your heart and soul into for a longer period of time, and the moment of truth finally arrives – what will the rest of the world think?

This is especially true for Generation Zero, being our first self-published action game with no external parties involved. In short, this means that we call all the shots but also carry all the risks. The creative freedom that follows along with this makes it all worth it though, as our small but brilliant team gets to truly express their passion and develop something unique. In our case, it is an open world action game that you can play alone or in 4-player co-op, where stealth elements and suspenseful exploration of a beautiful but hostile world are mixed with adrenaline-pumping explosive combat against an invading army of deadly machines. All set against a backdrop of 1980s Sweden.

When describing Generation Zero, we usually refer to it as a guerilla action game, since the odds are constantly stacked against you. While the setting of Generation Zero might look pretty at first glance, you quickly discover that it is not only deadly but also requires that you constantly scan your surrounds for any loot that can help you survive. For at a second’s notice, you might find yourself face-to-face with one of the enemies roaming the world, and then it’s up to you to quickly decide whether you fight, run, or hide. Regardless of the path you choose or how you decide to play, the actions you take in both missions and encounters will remain in the world through our persistent simulation. So even if you don’t manage to down that enemy the first time, the scars of your skirmish will remain on them even if you quit and restart the game.

And at its core, that is what Generation Zero is: the freedom to approach any situation with whatever means available to you and to utilize your and your team’s creativity to maximum effect. There is no right way, only your way, and our goal is to ensure that no two fights play out the same. Be it scars from a previous encounter, new skills, environmental opportunities, time of day or what weapons you are carrying, you never know how a situation will play out. All that’s important is that you stay alive.

And at the end of the day, that is what 10 years of developing open world sandbox games has taught me, to hand the reins over and watch the players take control. There is no point in forcing solutions or dictating how you should play the game. Instead, by simply providing you with the right toolbox of creative toys, we can watch you come up with creative solutions we would never have dreamed of. It is with this mindset that we’ve created Generation Zero, and can’t wait to see how you overcome the overwhelming odds. I hope you find the game as exciting as we do, and can’t wait to show you more.

Welcome to Sweden!

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@Alucard_PrimeI: I love Avalanche Studios and their Just Cause franchise and will support these guys by buying this game. Hopefully the game has an ending and not a game where you grab a few friends and try to survive until you die and have to start the game over again.

Thanks for posting the trailer :)

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Game looks great. Thanks for the trailer, always count on you to give us all a heads up in the Xbox One universe. By the way, who's the jerk above my post? ^^^

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@brimmul777: hehe no prob man, I figure I can sometimes post some stuff that I find interesting as I find out for myself, some Xbox fans can relax in this area of the boards.....no clue who that was, but he bumped the thread so it's all good....on a side note, watched the trailer again & I love the music they used, I hope that is the same style of music in the actual game. Cheers

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nice find, this has my attention, dig the synth soundtrack, adds to that whole 80s feel