Gears of war 4 ping

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Hello, my ping in gears 4 between 85 ~ 95

Is it good to playing ? I see other players most of them under 50 !

If I playing against someone has 20 will be that fair ?


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Personally I like it around 30-ish, that is how my connection is most of the time(US EAST). Below 100 is OK though, it's not that bad to have your range, you get used to it, but half of that at least is usually better I find if you want it to feel very responsive, almost LAN quality basically.

Sometimes it could be issues with their servers, most of the time I am at 30 like I said, but it definitely happens sometimes to me too at 80-100 ish. You should play a little to see if it is like that for you all the time.

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Mine is usually below 30, and my experience fighting against other players with 100+, I have to shoot them more times than someone under 100. It's not your fault, it's just the logic of the internet connection/speed.

And as Alucard Prime has stated, sometimes the 30 connection guy will get 85. I'm guessing yours will jump up to like 130, if a 30 goes to 85. Gears 4 servers is easily the worst of all the entries, it's just inconsistent.

I'm just talking from experience, and I grew up playing OG Gears 1 on 360 back in high school '07.

So, if anything you can absorb some bullets bruh lol. It's a great time overall still. It's my top 3 games played on x1. Maybe we shall cross paths one day, I'm on KOTH usually.

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there are some workaround like try to cancel all background downloads as your internet is having speed issues, and don't go for Wifi, prefer wired connection during playing!

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Thats because of the servers are overloaded like hell. But I think that under 100ms you are good. Maybe check your router, change channels etc..

hope that helps