Gears 5 - Improvements that you want to see made from 4

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After playing through Gears of War 4 again i noticed a few things about the game i hope they will change in the single player campaign. Gears of War 4 was a relatively safe game in regards to any new design decisions, their focus on establishing Gears as a viable franchise on Xbox One was a success, but i hope they are more daring now that the framework is all there. This is such a huge game for the system and it's gonna be fascinating to see their approach.

What i want adjusted or changed:


The storytelling of 4 was rudimentary at best, relationships were not built up, the current political climate was brushed over and they simply established an enemy dictator with weak reasoning for a backdrop. JD's whimsical nature completely err's against the brutal world, the dialogue does not reflect their current situation very well, nor is there anything truly interesting until the very end where the game ends of a cliffhanger. How they handled the return of the monsters was also pretty weak. This is only the spear tip, they specifically mentioned the story at E3 however so i have some hope.

Adjust the cumbersome movement

I understand that you must be careful here, as changing too much with the mobility and making it too quick & responsive can hurt the game is big ways, but it would make the game feel a lot more fresh if they could sharpen certain movements or make some type of adjustment here so it doesn't feel so much like the old games. We have played 5 Gears games at this point after all, we need a bigger update to the mobility than they did for this game.

More single encounters

Most of the combat is based around large areas, but i would love a few more encounters like the first game, where you can meet a few in some tight corridor or a small room. It would help change up the pace instead going exclusively from killroom to killroom.

Fighting the COG or Rebels

Let us fight humans instead of robots and monsters once in a while, it would be so cool to fight other COG.

Better weapons

The lancer and gnasher is the still the best weapons, mostly because they actually hit what you aim at. Don't give us all these super spread-heavy weapons we don't wanna use.

Reduce the rushing enemies

I enjoy flanking and trying to take out the enemies one by one, but they seem to have increased rushing enemies in every game, meaning, enemies that take tons of punishment and walk you down, or small creatures that run at you, constantly forcing you to roll around and move. I really want a more tactical game this time around rather than the focus on flushing you out of cover at all times.

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I generally agree with most of your points...

And from the brief glimpse we got at E3, Gears 5 looks like it's going to improve on many of these. Fingers crossed, because I thought 4 was a solid game.

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Give the Coalition a break from Gears and let them make something totally new, they are making 3 Gears games at the moment, its total overkill.

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@i_p_daily said:

Give the Coalition a break from Gears and let them make something totally new, they are making 3 Gears games at the moment, its total overkill.

Yeah... it'd be cool if instead of making 3 Gears games, have one team make Gears 5 and create a second team to make something new (maybe a Perfect Dark reboot).

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@hrt_rulz01 said:
@i_p_daily said:

Give the Coalition a break from Gears and let them make something totally new, they are making 3 Gears games at the moment, its total overkill.

Yeah... it'd be cool if instead of making 3 Gears games, have one team make Gears 5 and create a second team to make something new (maybe a Perfect Dark reboot).

Once these Gears games are done with then MS should let them go back to making this game, a game they spent 18 months working on.

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I figured with last game they were going to do a fusion of Swarm and the robots, after that one scene where that android leader woman gets hit by a pouncer's quills and goes haywire, I have a feeling they might have new enemies next game designed around this. Hope the enemies feel right is all, I didn't particularly like the addition of the Lambent in Gears 3, but I didn't so much mind the addition of robots in Gears 4. I just hope it still feels like a Gears game.

Anyhow, I liked Gears 4's story. Mostly I replay it for Horde, so as long as Horde mode is still strong, I'll be happy.

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Better puzzles, more open world, better inventory system, items to collect, costumes, vehicles, customizable weapons, character creation multiplayer

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Some good points there and I would also like to see a little bit more polish as far as wall bouncing and going over cover is's great in Gears 4, smooth gameplay overall, but I'm sure they could polish it a tad more if they wanted. I'd rather they add a few more weapons that are well thought-out(such as the dropshot from Gears 4.....vertical sniping is awesome and was a good addition I thought) instead of adding too many.

I enjoyed the story in Gears 4, especially when it started taking a darker turn a little later, which seems to be the overall tone of the next game. Based on the footage I saw in E3, the campaign seems to be taking a step in the right direction, and a little more character development would be cool but go big on the set pieces and the action as well.

One of my favorite aspects of Gears is the roadie the beginning of an online match(or sometimes when you respawn), trying to figure out where you will go while doing the roadie run and using the left bumper's enhanced vision to see where your teammates are.... this is one of the most iconic moments of the series for me and one of the most exciting parts of an online match. I'd like them to maybe do a little something there, I don't know what but you know just add a few more sound effects, make the animation better, etc. just polish it a little more I guess and add a few more things so just it does not feel exactly the same as Gears 4.

Then the other thing I really enjoy in Gears is the emphasis on team play, how you can revive another downed-but-not-out player. They should do something there, again I don't know what but this is a core gameplay strength of the series, so I want them to surprise me and add a little something to it. Kind of like how they added the jump over cover move in Gears 4, it seems so natural now and I Cannot believe the series did not have it before 4.

I also love horde and hopefully they can spice that up a little. As you said Gears 4 was for them to establish the series on Xbox One, they did play it safe in numerous I want to see more of The Coalition's mark in Gears 5....surprise us and be confident in your additions, people will always complain no matter what so I am not worried about that. Looking forward to the game and I hope it turns out well. One thing is for certain, barring any kind of last min downgrades of course, I watched the E3 graphics analysis of Digital Foundry.... and this game is looking significantly better than Gears 4, should be sweet on the X

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I agree with most of the points everyone is bringing up. For me it's horde mode, please focus on this as much as possible while not taking anything away from the core game. That and weapon mods, that really should be done.

Otherwise, very excited for this game.

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I enjoyed the g4 campaign a lot, I really think it's near perfect. Maybe have some flashback campaign chapters of Marcus or JD/Del/Kait Early days.


New Mode I came up with: Have a map cycle every 10 waves during the 50 waves. The last map will be a map with the least amount of cover, or things of that nature. It'll keep it fresh. My biggest issue is I hate playing the same map for 2 or more hours. This is just my opinion, it might be a stupid idea to some.


It's to have better servers.

Have a lot close quarters/smaller type of maps. (Obviously they'll make a variety to appeal to all players, small maps are my personal favorite).

Bring back roadie running into gnasher shot (like original gears 1 had)

Take out stopping power and maybe nerf the assault weapons.

Maybe bring back the Ink Grenades.

Bring every character for multiplayer. I'm talking cogs, stranded, milita, locust,swarm, db, etc. (This is a absolute ridiculous request but imagine how awesome it'd be, lol).

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Yes! More destruction and firefights located in city ruins, please! I thought Gears 4 was still pretty good but they dumbed down the game's level of badassitude. We need more badass and more mindless mayhem ASAP.

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More creativity on the newer multiplayer maps. In Gears 4, about 5 of the new maps that came with the game got re-released as DLC. This is just laziness imo. If they were going to do that, they should have just given us more classic maps from older games.