gamestop and disc scratching

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do they give you a new disc if the disc got the circle scratch on it and doesnt let me play?
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If you bought it that way, they'd give you a new one if it was new, and used if it was used. If your 360 did that to the disc, you're SOL.
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The only way that those get scratchs on them like that is for your 360 to do it itself. I worked at a GameStop for about little over a year and they most likely will not give you a new one. Although the one I worked at did sometimes.

But on the other hand, if you bought it from THEM like that then go in there and demand they exchange it.

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My store replaces the cd's if you have the reciept. Its true that it depends on the Gamestop you go to. Most stores in my district don't do it either.

Gamestop also offers a GPG which is a one year warranty on your cd's it ranges from $1 - $3 and covers the cd for an entire year. So if you ever have that issue again they will replace it for up to a year.