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Hi My Name is Hannan and my gamertag is W4rrior12345678

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Hi My Name is Hannan and my gamertag is W4rrior12345678

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i have a new Gamertag, GamingWizardC75.

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XB1 GT.A Lethal Alien

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Can someone help me could I get banned from xbox for using an address that's not mine

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  • Your Region: USA
  • Most Recent Game/s You're Playing: Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: MW Remastered, Stardew Valley, Battlefield 1/4/Hardline, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, Mortal Kombat X, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Roblox
  • Preferred Platform (Xbox One, or Xbox 360): Xbox One
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Hi I'm James 24 from England,

Looking for new people to play with..

Platform: Xboxone

Gamer tag: MYASSis4SALE

Games: GTAV


Dc universe online

Fifa 17

Feel free to add me

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@GameSpot: add ARKADDICTED to join in on a new ark player dedicated center map 24/7 PVP server. Having contests and events to win loot. A fun, but dedicated server. We want all to have fun. Raid and be raided. Increased tame, xp, a few other secrets in store. Please join. We would love to see this server flourish and grow with fun players.

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#161 Posted by deactivated-58db16412d987 (2 posts) -

Xbox live GT: Titanwarrior8

Feel Free to Add me. Need friends. Currently Playing Battlefield 1

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Hi i love to play xbox most nights as fifa looking to play new and old gamers .

Tag:kevififa dont have many games yet .

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@winterwalkerdan: hi m8

if up for a game sometime let me know.

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Gamertag: SoulEater1329

I'm a 19 year old guy looking for people to play Call of Duty with. I have black ops 1, 2, 3 and Infinite Warfare on the xbox one (might be selling IW though. Don't really like it). I have a mic but I can't use it right now (the mic disconnects from my headset and the mic fell behind my dresser. I'll hopefully have it back tomorrow).

On Black Ops 1 and 3 I mostly play team deathmatch and zombies (I have all the DLC maps but I only know my way around Shadows of Evil. I know all the "Easter Eggs" too). But Search & Destroy is pretty cool and so is Capture the Flag. I havn't played Black Ops 2 in a very long time but its backwards compatible now so.

Also on Black Ops 3 I recently reset my level/stats in multiplayer and zombies and I plan to do the same on Black Ops 2 once I reach level 55 again. (Shouldn't take too long. I'm at 40-something).

Also despite having Black Ops 2 for like 2 or 3 years, I still havn't played any zombies yet (because I only started liking zombies really recently).

If you wanna play just send me a message on xbox live. BTW black ops 3 zombies is the best zombies

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@GameSpot: Hey guys, please feel free to add me!

My tag is Sonofg0tham

My most recent games are Halo Wars 2, Watch Dogs 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale, and currently playing through Mad Max and the Witcher 3.

May the force be with you!

Star Struck Gaming

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@GameSpot: Test reply

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i am 16years old

i am looking for friends/crew

feel free to add me and i'll add you back


And yes i do regret my Gamer tag i'll change it soon

i have: Dark Souls 3















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Names daniel - from east coast Canada.

GT is: Sessionsz

Looking for people who like to play COD - HC DOM/Search and destroy I have other games also just to lazy to list them all.

Age group: 20+ pref'd

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Hey Guys!

Gamertag: umbrellacorp89

I just recently picked up CoD: Infinite Warfare and Overwatch as far as live games. Feel free to add me.

Age Group for friend requests: 21 + please!

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gamertag-SpartanRage1 I play all the time. Eastern Time Zone

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#171 Posted by AsaltedGhost (5 posts) -

GT: AsaltedGhost

Games: Destiny, Overwatch, Rocket League, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, and Battlefield 1.

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#172 Posted by KoopaNeck (4 posts) -

Gamertag: Wiggle Johnson

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#173 Posted by carmelgarage (1 posts) -

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Gamertag: MikeyMinor101

Region: Tennessee, United States

Games: Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2, Sunset Overdrive, Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected,

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#175 Posted by Killer85 (2 posts) -

Your Gamertag: Tha CleaNer1985

Your Region: Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia

Most Recent Game/s You're Playing: Battlefield 1, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 1, Tekken 7, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Ghost Recon : Wildlands,

Preferred Platform (Xbox One, or Xbox 360): Xbox One S

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Your Gamertag: ShutUpVixx

Your Region: England, United Kingdom

Most Recent Game/s You're Playing: Elder Scrolls Online & Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Preferred Platform Xbox One, but just got into PC gaming.

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#178 Posted by MarsAlive (13 posts) -

sounds great

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Gamertag: Digital0blivion

Region: United Kingdom

Most recent games:

Destiny 2


For Honor

Rainbow Six: Siege

Battlefield 1

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Xbox Live Gamertag: Dayman82

I'm 35 years old/guy in Va, USA. I play almost anything, from fps, sports, rpg's, horror... I'm currently playing Battlefield 1, Madden, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War Ultimate Ed. and Gears 4, Shadow of War...

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I need to post three times

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GT: The CammyMuffin

Region: Australia, NSW

Recent Games Fortnite, COD WWII

Platform: Xbox One

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arby n the chief forever

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#190 Posted by RWB93 (5 posts) -


Region: UK

Purchase: gow4 but play a multitude of games.

System: XBONE

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#191 Posted by Crimson_Reaper (6 posts) -

Gamertag: Lord Townicus

Region: UK

Games: All sorts

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#197 Posted by Xx50CaliberxX (2 posts) -


Mainly play shooters

Platform-Xbox One

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Gamertag: TheRingMasterXX

Region: WI, US

Preferred games: Halo 4, GTA V, Lego (I have alot!), Skate 3, RPG. Also, I don't have alot of shooting games because I suck at them, but will play anyway. Would like reccommendations on games.

Console: Xbox 360

Age: 23 (Turning 24 in two weeks.)