Games Desperately Still in Need of B.C.?

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So the backwards-compatible list of games on the xbox one (as well as the growing list of x-enhanced games on the xbox one x) is already pretty decent. But it's far from complete, and I feel like a lot of really memorable games deserve the BC treatment.

I've actually already bought a few 360 games with hopes that they might one day be playable on the xox, or a future xbox console. So I thought I'd list a few, and see what 360 and original xbox games other ppl want to play again.

1. Ninety-Nine Nights

So this game was like a Microsoft-published Dynasty Warriors. It had mixed reception, but I remember I liked the story and some aspects of the gameplay felt pretty polished compared to (older) DW games.

The game was developed within a brief 6 months, but despite that it was fairly decent. It had a small cast of characters you could play as, but you had to play through the game as each character to unlock everyone. Wanted to spend more time with this one, still do.

It actually had a sequel, but I think it came out at a bad time with a really small number of copies.


With NIER Automata releasing on the one soon, it would make sense for the original 360 game to be made BC.

I really enjoyed Drakengard back in the day, and this game is basically a continuation of that. I am curious how similar the gameplay is, but either way I have a feeling this is my kind of game. Never got to play it before.

3. Crackdown 2

Okay, so this is probably my least-important addition to the list, but let me explain.

I love Crackdown, the original game. I am really looking forward to 3 and will get that once it does eventually see the light of day. But I never played 2, and was never interested in doing so.

But that's partly because it was called unremarkable at the time. It also looked like the characters lacked personality with their full body armor, mimicking trends at the time. But what if this turns out to be more of what I love?

4. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition / Colonies Edition

So this was like one of the first "hits" on the 360, and I remember it was odd because it was as though the Japanese were trying to make a game aimed at the West, but they went about it very differently from the way a Western developer would have.

The result was odd, but also kind of different. It was popular enough to get a sequel, which some people seemed to enjoy even better. I feel like LP was an essential part of xbox history. And I want to give it another shot.

5. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

This game came out later in the 360's life, and was kind of a surprise hit. I liked what I played of the game, but only ever played through its xbla demo.

It was this odd action platformer with cool graphics and a sort of biblical story. At the time people were pretty fond of it, so I'm surprised it never went BC.

What are some older games you wouldn't mind playing again on the xbo?

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Yeah still so much they could add, loved Lost Planet, that would be cool. Personally I would like to see the Silent Hill games, especially collection and Silent Hill 4 The Room. Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 as well, I never got to finish it but would like to one day....same with CAstlevania Curse of Darkness. And they should keep adding as many XBLA games as they can, so many great little games there that still hold up fine today.

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I'd still like to see Max Payne 3 come to BC, and also Fable 2 & 3 receive the X treatment.

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@Alucard_Prime: That reminds me, Bionic Commando Re-Armed is still not bc. That's a crime! The sequel is, but it's just not the same thing.

@hrt_rulz01: I'm not sure how much work is involved to X-Enhance BC games, but I really wish they could do that for every game on the system.

I'm going to have to finally sit down and play through the Fable games one day.