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Do you guys have experience on buying games from Xbox Live in another countries? I could find this list of websites at where you can buy Gift Cards from other countries where some games are cheaper, after some research I found this website from Brazil where the games I want will be cheaper during black Friday, does anyone ever bought Brazilian Gift Cards? Any recommendation?

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I don't recommend that. That stuff is locked to regions to prevent exactly what you are talking about. I have heard of people getting games gifted them through Xbox in other countries from someone in a different country not working.

Bet you thought you were on to something there. MS is not where they are for by not looking 3 steps ahead.

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Any suggest gaming monitor for xbox one S.

I am planning to buy my first console and decided to buy xbox one s, and I am confused about the monitor. Plz suggest me, I have listed few based on my budget.

Few points:

I am not a hardcore gamer.

I'll also use monitor to watch movies and to do programming.

Thanks in advance!!