Forza Horizon 4 receiving critical acclaim

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For fans who care about this stuff, according to the official Metacritic Tweet, review embargo ends on September 25, 12:01 am Pacific Time, that is when the site should start posting reviews from all over the internet.

Personally I know I will enjoy the game and I am stoked for it, it really makes no difference to me what the reviews score it, this is a series I have played more than 1000 hours combined easily, and each title is better than the other as they usually just keep building on the foundation put in place by the previous game. Just compare Forza Horizon 3 to the first game, and there is so much more. It is basically a gameplay experience that keeps getting refined over time.

The attention to detail seems amazing in 4, I did not play the demo but I read an article the other day talking about the tech they used to accurately have potholes in the winter season, because apparently in Britain there are lot of them during that time of the year.

They seem to have gone to some extreme level of detail to accurately show the 4 seasons and ensure each affects gameplay in a realistic yet fun manner. I will still read the reviews out of curiosity, it is my most anticipated game this year and for the first time ever on console, we can play it at 60 fps(1080p) on the X should we choose to. This may have an impact on your performance if you play online a lot or are serious about your leaderboard times, as 60fps feels more responsive than 30 fps overall. Surely the game will play and look fine on the 4K mode and even on the base Xbox models. At the end of the day the core experience will be the same, X owners just get a more luxurious package.

I do have one wish for the game, personally speaking, I hope the sound quality is better, I thought the engine sounds could have been better in FH3 as I felt they were superior in Forza 6 and the variety seemed lower in 3. Not a big deal but I would be very impressed if I saw an improvement there.

Good luck Playground games and I can't wait to play this soon!

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We all know it's going to score well... Playground are masters.

Except maybe from Gamespot, lol.

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Not interested in the reviews, as i'm the best judge for what I like :)

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It'll probably score an 8 on Gamespot, it will surprise me if it scores higher.

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@brimmul777 said:

It'll probably score an 8 on Gamespot, it will surprise me if it scores higher.

FH3 got a 9 on gamespot.

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I expect 9 across the board every game in the series has scored relatively the same.

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I've played the demo and it was fantastic. Looks great on my PC at ultrawide in 3440 x 1440. Then...I managed to play this on the Xbox One X at my mall in 4K in HDR and it looked incredible. Best looking racing game I've ever played.

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Already got my Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition - Xbox One preorder from Newegg for $89.99 thanks to that coupon off 10%

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Rave reviews are pouring in, I honestly don't like focusing on the score but IGN gave it 9.6 which is higher than FH3 9.5, reviewer is the same guy Luke, so it sounds like they were more impressed than FH3 which is crazy because of how good FH3 is, that's what is most impressive is this continual improvement path this series is on

edit: read the Gamespot and IGN review, curious what is new, here are some interesting quotes....I like how each car now has their own skill tree, not a global skill tree like before:


"It’s been Autumn throughout the bulk of this review and it might just be my favourite season. There just seems to be so much detail, from the spectrum of colours in the trees as their leaves die off at different rates, to the soggy roadside puddles that persist in an environment that’s becoming too cool for them to evaporate. Winter is excellent, too. If you’ve played Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain, you’ll have a basic idea of what to expect. It’s not just the world turned white; the landscape takes on an entirely new identity."


Dawn and dusk in particular are incredible showcases for Horizon 4’s lighting, and it’s these times of day I most enjoy for some more gentle cruising. The overt distinctions between zones aren’t as stark as they are in Horizon 3’s Australia, which shifts from extremes like dry orange desert to dank rainforest, but a massive increase in elevation differences makes up for that. Having Horizon 4’s roads wind over so many hills results in more interesting driving. There’s also a wider difference between road types, which range from wide, modern motorways to narrow alleys and quirky junctions that could’ve been designed hundreds of years before the invention of internal combustion.

The star of the map, however, is Edinburgh, which is much prettier than Horizon 3’s Surfers Paradise. Edinburgh in Horizon 4 is a beautiful place, oozing with history and boasting a really interesting road layout. It’s probably my favourite place to joyride."

"Groove Music support is tragically gone following the death of the service, taking Horizon 3’s wonderful in-game OneDrive music support with it. The standalone app still works but it’s not quite the same. That’s the only terrible news in terms of audio, though, because the team have outdone themselves yet again. It’s all tremendous stuff, from the very subtle call of a crow in a quiet winter paddock to the monstrous anti-lag of an Escort Cosworth, which sounds like Satan choking on a popcorn maker."


"Progression has changed from Forza Horizon 3--you no longer expand multiple festival sites to uncover activities. Instead, each discipline has its own corresponding progression meter. Participating in a particular kind of activity enough times, win or lose, will eventually level up that discipline, reward you, and unlock more activities of that kind on the map. It's an exciting and friendly system that stretches you out to the furthest reaches of the world quickly, makes it feel like something new and interesting to do is always nearby, and rewards you no matter what you decide to participate in and how you perform. Even after hours and hours of play, Horizon 4 kept revealing surprises by introducing brand-new styles of activities, keeping the game's flow feeling fresh."