Forza Horizon 4 "Fortune Island" expansion launching December 13

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Looks great! The first of 2 planned expansions for FH4 was officially announced earlier today during the Xbox show in Mexico. They are calling it their biggest expansion ever, all within the most extreme conditions yet seen in a Horizon game. Featuring new weather effects such as Thunderstorms and the exquisite looking Northern Lights phenomenon.

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Looks awesome... bring it on.

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I wanted more mountains, cause that is type of terrain I'm use to....then I saw those winding roads, and drooled over the drifting I'll do with the new gymkhana sweet.

I'm still hoping for a Hot Wheels expansion, or like a Nitro Circus like expansion for doing insane stunts.

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I'm looking forward to this!

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Excellent, I love this game.

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I'll be driving my Z/28 (modded to my real life Z/28 specs) all over that. Can't wait!!!

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Will get it, but they really didn't show too much of it.